New Battlefield Game Enters Pre-Production “To Bring Back The Franchise”

Having failed to deliver on several fronts, Battlefield 2042 has convinced EA to start all over with a new Battlefield game to make amends.

Having failed to deliver on several fronts, the bleak state of Battlefield 2042 has convinced publisher Electronic Arts to start all over with a new Battlefield game to make some serious amends.

According to a report by Xfire earlier today, a new Battlefield game has entered pre-production that will be making use of “valuable lessons” learned from Battlefield 2042 “to bring back the franchise” to new heights.

Battlefield 2042 was originally designed to serve as a foundation for future installments in the franchise. Specialists, which received harsh criticism for replacing classes, were supposed to become “Mercenaries” in a conceptualized Battlefield “Hero Shooter” down the road.

Electronic Arts has now scrapped all those plans. The new Battlefield game will “be reverting a lot of the changes made in Battlefield 2042” that could be related to specialists, the increased number of 128 players per match, and the community-dubbed walking simulator map designs.

A new Battlefield game in development does not mean that Electronic Arts will be abandoning Battlefield 2042. Specialists will reportedly be tweaked with future updates to come closer to the traditional classes of the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 also remains to receive four specialists and four battle passes as part of its battle pass. Future content furthermore includes a new map called Exposure alongside new weapons, vehicles, and a number of patches to improve the current state of the game.

DICE has reportedly moved most of its resources to the new Battlefield game while leaving behind “a strong and dedicated team” to take care of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 recently refreshed its in-game scoreboard to show more information than before. The next update, scheduled for April, will introduce voice chat for squads for the first time alongside “a large set of changes and fixes.” The developer is also looking to balance weapons and vehicles, “alongside an overhaul of Attachment behavior for infantry weapons across the board.”

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