New Arkane Austin Game In Development, Includes Dishonored, Prey Alumni

A new Arkane Austin game is currently in the works, though at the moment all that we know about it is that it’s being developed by a team that includes veterans from Dishonored and Prey. A director of Arkane, Harvey Smith, revealed the game in an interview with Spanish website Vandal.

Arkane recently fell into the hands of Microsoft when the company picked up ZeniMax Media back in late 2020, but whatever the new game is it likely won’t be Xbox exclusive, as that flies in the face of Microsoft’s desire of wanting to make sure that everyone can play games without worrying about exclusivity.

Arkane is also working on their time-looping first-person action game Deathloop, though at the moment that’s specifically the domain of Arkane Lyon, the French branch of the studio. We’ll likely find out what the game currently in development is sometime this year.

The new Arkane Austin game in development is likely going to be something similar to Dishonored and Prey, considering the developers who are on the team. We can likely expect a first-person action-RPG with various abilities and weapons to choose from, possibly with crafting mechanics as well.

Of course, at the same time, it could end up being something completely different. Considering the only thing we know about it now is who is working on it, it will likely be some time before Arkane Austin is confident enough in the game’s progress to announce it.

In the meantime, all we can do is sit and speculate. While we wait for the new Arkane Austin game however, Deathloop is going to be releasing on May 21 of this year for the PC and Playstation 5. Considering all the stuff we’ve seen of it, hopefully until Arkane Austin reveals their new game, Deathloop can tide us over with yet another smash hit.