New AMD Radeon 7 Runs Devil May Cry 5 At 4K Ultra Setting and Above 60 FPS

AMD took the stage at CES 2019 to show some amazing footage of Devil May Cry 5 being run on the latest released Radeon 7 video card. This footage of Devil May Cry 5 running on a Radeon 7 video card was presented by AMD CEO, Lisa Su.

The one big thing that Devil May Cry 5 takes advantage of while using the Radeon 7 video card is by offering way higher frame rates per second. This footage by IGN shows us Devil May Cry 5 running on Radeon 7 video card and on 4K Settings. Now that’ not all, the footage also shows us the frame rate counter on the top left corner which stays “way above” 60 frames-per-second. We are convinced AMD.

At CES, Lisa Su also said that AMD has worked very closely with Capcom’s development team to optimize the game and make it all possible. Not only that, AMD has worked with Capcom to create photo-realistic characters and amazing environments in the game.

That being said, all eyes are now set on the date when Devil May Cry 5 releases. There’s also a Devil May Cry 5 demo planned but unfortunately, it’s not coming on PC. Devil May Cry 5 demo is scheduled to take place on February 7 for Xbox One and PS4. If you want some early action with Devil May Cry 5 demo, you have to ditch your PC’s ultra high settings and play it on a console.

We previously saw a Devil May Cry 5 demo on Xbox One but don’t worry this one is going to be different. Hideaki Itsuno, the game’s director referred to the upcoming demo by saying that it’ll be a “little different”. Upcoming DMC 5 demo will also feature a new punch line. Other than that, you will be now able to use Nico’s shop which wasn’t accessible in the previous demo.

Capcom has also mentioned that your progress will be saved when playing this demo. This means that you won’t have to start from the beginning everytime you play it. So you can just resume from where you left off and start killing some demon.

This demo won’t be very long but should give players a glimpse of what’s coming next month. As for the original playtime, it’s said to be more than 15 hours of total gameplay. Keeping that in mind, DMC 5 is definitely going to be the best game in the series.

In other news, Devil May Cry 5 comes with a very expensive Special Edition. This Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition costs you ¥900,000 (about $8,000) in Japan. Devil May Cry 5 Special includes the replica of Dante’s iconic red leather coat which is highly demanded by DMC fans. There’s also one with Nero and his blue jacket.

As for the characters, Hideaki Itsuno has confirmed that there could be some additional character coming to DMC 5 in the future. We already have main three protagonists to play with including Dante, Nero, and V.

More characters might also be added if there is demand from players.

DMC 5 releases on March 8, 2019, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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