New Achievement Update Coming On Xbox One Preview Program

A new achievement update on the Xbox One Preview program have been announced by Mike Ybarra on his official Twitter page, where players will now be able to keep track of what date they earned their achievements on, and how many other players of that game have earned those achievements.

The preview update comes only a few weeks after the Xbox One updated its Xbox Live system to allow players to look for parties and join clubs, and might bring to mind the Steam Achievement interface for a number of Xbox players that also play PC games on Steam.

That achievement system is essentially the same, as it tells the percentage of players that have gotten an achievement, and on what date that you got that achievement. The achievement list also actually describes what you have to do to earn those achievements, so that you can remember what you had to do to get them.

You could already go back into your Xbox One account and look at the achievements you got there, but the system was much less intuitive, and you had to go between achievement pictures like a slideshow. It also didn’t tell you when you unlocked achievements. This new interface coming with the new Achievement update will make it easier to look through your achievements, and you’ll be able to find them faster to see if you’ve unlocked a certain achievement.

Another thing that you’ll be able to do with the new Achievement update is to compare the achievements you’ve gotten in your own copy of a game with your friends that own it. Combined with the “Looking for Group” function that’s already on the update, you can join together with your friends to go achievement hunting while you look for the achievements that you haven’t gotten yet.