New 2019 Nintendo Direct Will Last 40 Minutes, Show Off Multiple Games

For the last few months, whenever we’ve gotten a Nintendo Direct it’s been a fairly short ordeal mainly focused on one game at a time, such as with Super Mario Maker 2 or Pokemon Sword and Shield. Now, however, a new 2019 Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow and will last 40 minutes.

Exactly what all we’ll be learning from it remains to be seen, but it’s likely that the games that we’ll be seeing are all going to be coming out in 2019, meaning that we’ll probably be getting information on Pokemon Sword and Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

While there’s at least a small chance that we’ll be seeing something new, whether it’s more information about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, or new original IPs, that sort of thing doesn’t seem likely, as Nintendo has more than enough games coming to fill 40 minutes.

However, while the Nintendo tweet announcing the direct told us that Pokemon and Luigi’s Mansion would be getting focus, there was a “and more” attached to the end, so the new 2019 Nintendo Direct might have other stuff after all.

In addition to Pokemon and Luigi’s Mansion, for instance, there’s been a lot of hinting that a new Super Smash Bros character will be getting revealed tomorrow, possibly coming from an SNK game like King of Fighters.

Link’s Awakening might also get some last-minute news, since that game is supposed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 20. Even though it’s a remake of the original Link’s Awakening and not a fully new game, it’s still changed enough that new information might come from it.

There may be a significant amount of other games that will also be showing up in the new 2019 Nintendo Direct, but we won’t know exactly what other games will be showing up until we can actually see it for ourselves. The Direct starts tomorrow at 3 PM Pacific Time, 6 PM Eastern Time, or your regional equivalent.