NeverDead Collectibles Locations Guide

Being immortal Bryce has all the perks needed to destroy demons for revenge or money or to save the city, but that doesn’t everything comes easy in Neverdead. Especially, those hidden NeverDead Collectibles Locations that are not only difficult to find but are difficult to reach too.

Neverdead Collectibles Locations Guide

Neverdead has a total of eighty collectibles, 10 in each chapter.

  1. Asylum
  2. Museum
  3. Police Station
  4. Sewers
  5. Streets To The Church
  6. Agency HQ
  7. Destroyed Streets
  8. Demon’s Nest


  1. When the chapter begins, go near the taxi and take a right. There is a window behind the bushes, the collectible is in that room.
  2. Lobby – go upstairs (2nd floor) and comeback to the 1st floor to grab the collectible from the center area.
  3. After the first encounter with the Spoons and getting outside, take a right and look behind the trees.
  4. You will fight a couple of enemies after you the next building. When you get to the fireplace blow yourself up with the help of the red tanks and roll your head in so you can collect the item from the sky.
  5. Later on, you will get to an electricity panel with a vent beneath it. Jump into it and make sure you leap towards the right side, NOT LEFT. Once you’re there, spin upwards and follow the path to the collectible.
  6. The small room which is next (right) to the one from where you grab the keycard (to open the asylum’s door) has this collectible in a slab of meat. Cut it down to collect it.
  7. In the courtyard area, next to the statue.
  8. Go to the extreme right of the statue (mentioned above) and you’ll see a short broken wall. Retrieve the collectible from there.
  9. Inside the building, you will see a grate in the area. Blow yourself up and go inside that grate as a head to grab it.
  10. This one is behind a door, right of the hallway. You will have to smash the door – it’s the area that comes before you enter into the elevator to face Swordpig.

Museum Collectibles

  1. At the start, you’ll see a red tube aside the scaffolding. You can see it opened from the top, throw your head inside and grab the collectible.
  2. Once you go outside the glass ceiling, take a left and keep following the route to the beam which will take you to the collectible.
  3. The roof has a pole in the center at the front edge, jump onto the platform beneath and search for the collectible.
  4. Once you’re inside the building, look for another vent next to the electrical box. Follow it and you will find another on your left which will take you to the item.
  5. After the large battle in the main area, go to the 2nd floor and shoot the cardboard which is next to the door that takes you to Block 4.
  6. You will go through a corridor which has some aquariums, one has your collectible. Shoot the glass and collect it with your head.
  7. The next room from the above area is full of enemies (whales). Get rid of them and go to the 2nd floor; throw your head onto the big blue whale’s tail and transform back to your full body so you can grab the collectible.
  8. There is a coffin above the entrance to the next main room. Shoot it down and you’ll see the collectible.
  9. Once you have defeated the large fiery puppy and knocked over obelisk in the center. Look for the collectible above the center area. It isn’t easy to reach that spot so it may take a bit of time for you to collect it. Trick is to walk up the obelisk and take a left. You will come across a table below an archway. Throw your head up to the archway and grow back to your full-body. Now, shoot the sign across from the arch to lower it. Throw your head to the lowered sign and roll around the edge of the large dome to reach the collectible.
  10. The door which takes you to Block 4 has a fire extinguisher next to a vent. Shoot it to open the vent and get inside to grab the collectible.

Police Station Collectibles

  1. At the start, go up the stairs towards the second floor and take a left to reach it.
  2. You will have to power the elevator by pressing a button; the office which is next to the button’s office has a whiteboard. Shoot it and it will reveal a hole which has the collectible.
  3. Once you get to the corridor from the elevator shaft, search the elevator which is just next to it.
  4. After freeing up Nikki, there is a cell at the end with a poster, shoot it and it will reveal a hole which has the collectible.
  5. The subway station has another control room; this collectible is above that control room. You can toss your head to collect it.
  6. After getting to the pipe opening (where you’ll have to throw your head), you will get into a room with gas pipes. Throw your head again into the opening which is across the pipe you came in from. Follow the path and you’ll find the collectible.
  7. Follow the corridor after you’ve encountered the first missile launcher demon and keep an eye on the ceiling. You will have to jump onto the train car and then throw your head up to grab it.
  8. After crossing the corridor, you will see two subways. A number of enemies will appear and some will come through a hole, get rid of them and get inside the hole which they created to collect it.
  9. Cross the crashed trains and you will see a few more covered between fire. There is a room on the left side, at the end of the cars. Search behind the garbage of that room.
  10. When you will enter into the subway junction, go to the above floors and you will see an office which has this collectible. You cannot go inside the room, so go above a floor and search for a red toolbox. There is a vent behind the box which will take you to that office.


  1. The dark tunnel – enter into the first room and break the wall across you to collect it from behind.
  2. The 2nd floor after the dark-rooms – search the pipes and you will see the collectible in the corner; throw your head and grab it.
  3. The tunnel with shooting power (comes after you throw your head into a pipe), after crossing half of the tunnel, search the ceiling and throw your head to grab it.
  4. After crossing the first dark area, you will jump into another one. Follow the stairs and take a right where you’ll see a railing. The collectible is across that railing so you will have to make use of your head and roll through the vent.
  5. Easy – when you meet Arcadia and Nikki (where the water is flowing) you will have to close the water pipes. The collectible is next to one of the chains used to shut the flow.
  6. The Large Hippo’s room – strike the wall on the right side of the center and break it. The collectible is in the new area you just discovered.
  7. Throw your head into the water flow after you’re done fighting the Large hippo; it will take you to the 2nd floor. Press the switches in the following way (green, blue, green) with the help of your sword. Toss your head into the stream again and make sure you lean towards the vents. Follow the path to the collectible.
  8. You will get to a raising platform right after meeting Nikki and Arcadia again; there is a collectible on its way up. Keep your focus and try to grab it quickly.
  9. The pathway after getting off the platform will lead you outside. You will see a vent on the wall, shoot it to open it and toss your head. You will have to transform to take out the guardians of that collectible.
  10. The center of the last area – there is railing next to the womb with a collectible.

Streets To The Church

  1. At the start, left side, next to the dumpsters.
  2. You will face a couple of enemies after the subway will crash. Follow the fence that explodes and get to the other side of the freeway. Search next to the cars on the right side.
  3. You will get to a basketball court after your head falls to the street. The collectible is in the basketball hoop.
  4. A panda will attack you after you cross the basketball; search the grassy area next to it. You will find the collectible in the corner.
  5. Follow the corridor after you exit the elevator of the building and search next to the plant (left).
  6. Right after exiting the building, you will see a large courtyard. Don’t drop off yet and walk towards the left side. The collectible is on the other side of the railing so you can jump over.
  7. Right after you collect the above collectible, you’ll get to a large tree covered by a wooden fence. Break that fence and you will see it.
  8. The building’s door will open once you’ve cleared the courtyard from the enemies. There is a doorway on the left which has a hole – the same room has a tub and the collectible is in it.
  9. The large room – the one with the elevator and a staircase. Break the wall on the right side of the staircase and search that area.
  10. Easy – the bossfight (Sangria), look for it on the table next to where Nikki is hanging.

Agency HQ Collectibles

  1. Once you turn on the sprinklers to go past the fire, keep going to the small full-of-fire room.
  2. You will drop a ceiling to cover the fire, there is a Demon Research Room nearby and the collectible is in the flames to the left of the room.
  3. Toss your head to grab the collectible floating on the gap up-stairs, right after the civilians have evacuated.
  4. Inside the elevator, just move in!
  5. Once you fight the hippo in the large room, there is an opening in the floor. Send your head inside and grab the collectible from the left side, under a glass.
  6. When the helicopter has crashed, use the sprinkler switch to open the room next to the wall of flames. It has this collectible.
  7. The glass walled room – it has the collectible on the left side but you will have to throw your head from the opening above the glass wall and then the vent to grab the collectible.
  8. This is in the elevator of the circular room, the one in which you enter after the panel blows.
  9. Later on, you’ll see a pretty dark room with a staircase. There is a vent next to the entrance to that room which has this collectible.
  10. After the cut-scene with Alex, take a turn and search the metal vent behind you. The collectible is inside the vent.

Destroyed Streets

  1. It is under a billboard at the side, right after the chapter starts.
  2. You will get to a lava with this collectible floating above, right after you and Arcadia separate. Simply dive into the lava and collect it once your head comes out!
  3. After crossing through the pipe, you will get into another open area with lava and Blade Demons. The collectible is floating above the lava again, so simply toss your head and grab it.
  4. Keep following the lava when you’re in the parking garage and you’ll see the collectible across a gap, toss your head to catch it.
  5. Once you leave the garage’s area, you will get to a walkway. Roll your beneath the walkway to search this collectible.
  6. It is next to the pile of rocks on your left side when the building falls on you.
  7. It is in the next room, beneath the floor. Shoo the glass to get it.
  8. After the last fight, you will get to a ramp with another concrete platform above the ramp with a collectible.
  9. When you’re back to the street again, you will see a stair-case on the left side which will take you down. Move forward and search for an opening at the corner, it has the collectible.
  10. If you look behind when you pass the turret demons, there is a sloped section and this collectible is on top of that, right after you start near the whirlwind.

Demon’s Nest

  1. You will find yourself fighting the Hippo with the collectible on the right-side when the chapter starts.
  2. Above the doorway, which leads to the building.
  3. The ground floor of the building, above the center of the lava.
  4. When you go upstairs, there is a platform on your right and the collectible is on its edge.
  5. Go to the left side of the building’ lobby and stand onto the pile of rubble so you can gain a little more height. The collectible is on the ledge which is quite high so you will have to toss your head above.
  6. After you go past the third stair-case, jump to the railing and keep following the walkway towards the left side until you reach the collectible.
  7. The same walkway – Turn towards the right side of the room and drop down on the ledge to retrieve this collectible.
  8. Next to the elevator, after you get to the top of the stair-cases. The collectible is lying on a ledge to the left of the office.
  9. After getting out of the elevator, follow the path and you’ll automatically collect this one.
  10. After the large battle of the end, the door will open. This collectible is past the round door.

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