Netherland Declares Loot Boxes As Gambling And Warns Publishers

The Netherlands has declared loot boxes as gambling recently and has warned game publishers to remove them as they can be addictive.

We recently discussed how EA is trying to regain our trust with a better monetization model for Battlefront 2. EA is the company that sparked the discussion over loot boxes which led to Govt intervention.

Today Netherland has made a decision and declared it as gambling after trying some popular games mostly from Twitch.

The Dutch Gaming Authority Says

Four out of ten loot boxes, treasure boxes in games, are prohibited according to the Betting and Gaming Act. There are also indications that loot boxes may trigger addiction. The Gaming Authority has reached this conclusion on the basis of its’ Investigation into lot boxes | A booty or a load. ” That is why the regulator calls the game sector to adjust games before mid-June.

Of the ten examined lottery boxes, four are in violation of the law. This is because coincidence determines the contents of these loot boxes. Moreover, the prizes can be traded outside the game: the prizes have economic value. It is forbidden to offer this type of games of chance without a license to the Dutch players.

The top games revealed by Dutch news include Fifa 18, Dota 2, PUBG and Rocket League. Fifa can be taken for example in which you have to open various packs in the ultimate team to get good players for your teams and they are costly. Fifa Ultimate team points are usually sold over the internet for real cash.

It is clear now that Netherland doesn’t support this microtransaction system at all and anyone who decides to use them again will need a gambling license.

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