Netflix Witcher Series Will Not Be Adapting The Games, Says Lauren Hissrich

As popular as the Witcher games will be, and despite how big of a part that they played in getting Geralt of Rivia from a localized book hero to one of the icons of video game heroism, the Netflix Witcher series will not be adapting the games, says Lauren Hissrich.

Hissrich made the statement at San Diego Comic Con while doing an interview with The Wrap, and said along with that that she’s taking things one season at a time. Considering there’s more than enough book material to fill many seasons, they likely won’t need the games.

CD Projekt RED first acquired the rights to make video games out of the Witcher novels from Andezj Sapkowski in the early 2000s, before the first Witcher game began development. Since then, the rather niche RPG series has expanded into a highly popular one, with Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt being a smash hit.

However, players who have only played the games before and never read the books might be a bit lost if they go by the games to try and keep up with the Netflix Witcher series. The series focuses on Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who finds himself caught up in the destiny of a young girl, Ciri, who has special powers that make her a target.

Geralt finds himself thrown into various political squabbles between warring kingdoms, a massive war between Nilfgaard and the Northern Realms, and his normal duties of hunting and killing monsters and other threats to the peasantry. However, the games actually take place after the books, when Geralt loses his memory following a mortal wound during a pogrom.

With the people behind it and a great-looking cast, hopefully the Netflix Witcher series will be able to grab enough attention from Witcher fans to be highly popular, even in spite of not being based on the games.

We’ve got no idea of when the Witcher Netflix series will be available to watch, but hopefully it’s not much longer since it’s wrapped filming and we got a trailer at Comic Con.