Netflix Still Wants Stranger Things Video Game Despite Telltale Closure

Netflix has announced that despite the closure of Telltale Games last week, that it still wants to make a Stranger Things video game along the lines of the narrative games that Telltale created. Telltale made the announcement last week that hte studio would be closing and all projects but Minecraft Story Mode would be cancelled.

The possibility of a video game adaptation of Stranger Things is several months old, as Netflix decided to capitalize on the popularity of one of its biggest original series to try and make a game out of it, though we still don’t know yet exactly what that game would involve, unless it’s a straight adaptation.

A Stranger Things video game won’t be the first video game that’s been put on Netflix either; Telltale’s last job before closing is going to be finishing porting Minecraft Story Mode over to Netflix to use as a game, though other games that were in progress like The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and the Final Season of The Walking Dead won’t be finished.

However, with the closure of Telltale it means that Netflix will have to find a different studio to take on the task of making a narrative adventure game for Stranger Things. Telltale was seen as the master of things like this due to the novelty of its games when it released the first The Walking Dead game. However, since then choices that matter in stories have become almost commonplace.

Netflix can likely find another studio to bring in in order to make the Stranger Things video game, but until then we’ll likely just have to wait and see how these things are going to turn out, or until we get another Stranger Things season that’s not part of a video game. Either way, hopefully the game will be good when it comes out.