Netflix Searching For Executive To Helm Netflix Video Game Expansion

Ever since it first started up in 1997, Netflix has risen to be a juggernaut in terms of streaming TV shows and movies, helped along by various original series they’ve come up with. Now, it appears that a Netflix video game expansion is underway, according to a report from website The Information.

Netflix has only barely dipped its toes into video games. While various third-party games have ended up having crossover events with Stranger Things, such as Dead by Daylight and various mobile titles, Netflix has only contracted one game out to BonusXP to make a video game adaptation of the show’s third season.

While Netflix has plenty of other original series that they could use for other games, only time will tell exactly how successful this turns out to be and what exactly such an expansion entails, whether it’s a publisher dedicated to releasing games of original Netflix properties, or a similar model to Apple Arcade.

A Netflix video game expansion in the Apple Arcade style would allow people to play certain video games in its roster for a low monthly fee, though there are already a great many game services that do that better, such as Playstation Now and Xbox Game Pass.

However, the company seems to want to do it right, as they’ve approached multiple industry veterans for their advice. It remains to be seen, however, exactly how they will make use of this rumored expansion. Various other companies attempting to do similar things like Google Stadia, after all, haven’t gone well.

Netflix may be better off making use of the Netflix video game expansion to fund third-party games instead of trying to make a streaming service of their own, but it’s likely that they’ll hold off actually announcing it themselves until they’re sure of what they want to do. Until then, they’ll be sticking with streaming TV shows and movies.