Amazon To Restock Nintendo NES Classic Mini Soon

NES Classic mini has become quite a sensation as many gamers are trying to get their hands on this console. However, the demand for this console is very high and not all of the fans were able to get their hands on NES Classic Mini and now Amazon has announced it will be replenishing the stock for the console soon.

According to Amazon, it will be replenishing the stock for NES Classic on April 3, which is just a few days away. Also, the Amazon is currently selling NES Classic Mini, if you are interested then check out the listing here.

If you are one of these lucky humans on earth to get their hands on NES Classic Mini, then chances are that you are bored with the pre-installed games. However, one hacker has found a way to install additional games to the console because Nintendo is not going to add any more games.

A Russian hacker has found a way to install new games to NES Classic using USB cable. The solution will not work until users have created a save file in Super Mario Bros’ first slot.

Nintendo’s latest console is currently the center of attention in the game industry and many developers are considering to bring their popular games to Nintendo Switch. Rocker League developer Psyonix is one of them.

According to Psyonix, they are considering to bring Rocket League to Nintendo Switch. According to Vice President Jeremy Dunham, the studio is a community-based company and likes to keep in consideration what fans want.

He added that Rocket League will make it to Nintendo Switch, but only if the community demands it.

Would you like to see Rocket League on Nintendo Switch? let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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