Need For High-performance Processing Power Will Increase In The Upcoming Years According To Neil Spicer (AMD)

Director Sales- EMEA Component Channel at AMD, Neil Spicer, talked about the condition of the company and where AMD stands. In an interview, he also stated that the need for high-performance processing power will increase in the upcoming years and that will benefit the company in the future.

Applications are becoming more demanding as the days pass and that is where AMD comes in, AMD is the only company that is in a position to provide both processors and graphics cards to professional and gaming markets and that is a huge plus point.

AMD has been in the business for 50 years now and Ryzen has been a game changer for the company. Ryzen has been able to get AMD 40% market share and with the chips coming to laptops, that number is only going to rise.

Neil Spicer also talked about the fact that even though mobile and desktops can be categorized into one category both have different demands and that they need to focus on different elements when dealing with the two.

AMD Ryzen APUs are coming to mobile platforms and they are surprisingly powerful as compared to Intel HD graphics as well as Nvidia MX 150. You can check out the performance of the upcoming chips running Battlefield 1 below:

If this is not something that you are interested in then you can check out how the AMD chip can run FIFA 18 at 1080p. The game runs pretty smoothly and you can check out the gameplay below:

The upcoming chips seem to be very powerful indeed and while laptops with some of these chips have been shipped out, Neil Spicer has said that there will be more brands coming on board and that you can expect more models and variants to come out in 2018. This should be something to look forward to. You can check out the specs of 2 of the upcoming CPUs below:

Neil Spicer

If you are planning on switching to AMD then you can click here to learn why now is a great time to do so. While it is a great time to switch it is not a good time to buy all PC parts as RAM and GPU prices are off the charts these days. If you are interested in building a new gaming PC then you are better off waiting for now. If you are going to change your CPU and motherboard then you are in the clear.

Let us know what you think about what Neil Spicer had to say and whether or not you think that 2018 will be a great year for AMD.

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