Dev Talks Need For Speed: Payback Speed Cards And What They Mean For Gameplay

Developer Ghost Games has revealed Need For Speed: Payback Speed Cards and now tahy have revealed that how it impacts the gameplay.

Developer Ghost Games has revealed Need For Speed: Payback Speed Cards which work as sort of an RNG(random number generator) system and now game’s Creative Director has shed more light on Need For Speed: Payback Speed Cards and what they mean for the gameplay.

Speaking with Finder, creative director Will Ho discussed in depth about the Need For Speed: Payback Speed Cards and how they will affect the gameplay and how they can help players to create the ride of their dreams. According to Ho, the studio wanted the performance upgrades and customization to be the front and center of Need For Speed: Payback and these Speed Cards do just that.

So, every time you win a race, every time you complete a mission, we’re going to give you a part. We give you a chance to draw from three different what we call Speed Cards, and then you get to choose one and you’re always going to get something cool, something that enhances your performance: it may have some strengths, it may have some weaknesses and that’s for you to judge.

Now these Need For Speed: Payback Speed Cards are not like that you use them and then you replace them when you find a better one. According to Ho, players will want to “experiment with different combinations of Speed Cards” to find the right balance or in many cases performance.

Players will also get buffs for having “three of a kind or six of a kind of a certain brand and then you get a boost for that”.

there are also other attributes where you’ll discover different combinations to enhance your airtime, to enhance your drifting, to enhance your traction, to enhance your acceleration. So, there’s a lot to discover in this system, but immediately because you’re winning parts, it’s accessible, go in the garage, tonnes of depth.

He further talked about how players will be able to collect three cards of the same brand since Need For Speed: Payback Speed Cards are randomized. According to Ho, sometimes players will get lucky but, if they have “a surplus of cards” then they can be traded.

However, we have a feeling that the game will prioritize giving player low tier Speed Cards since micro-transactions are attached to this very system and players are not gonna pay for something which they can get easily through minor grinding. But, we will wait and see how this system is balanced.

Need For Speed: Payback is a racing title in development at Ghost Games and is scheduled to launch November 10, 2017, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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