Need for Speed Rivals – How to Earn Speed Points Easily

Speed thrills, but kills. In case of Need for Speed Rivals, it can kill cops as well, and that’s what you’ll want to be doing if you wish for plenty of Speed Points.

If you’re a hardcore trophy hunter, you’ll probably have a hard time achieving the “500,000 Speed Points at once” trophy, simply because that number is just too hard to achieve under normal circumstances.

But, there’s a way you can earn these easily. Here’s how:

Easily Earning Speed Points
If you wish to earn Speed Points quickly, you’ll want to keep play the game normally until you unlock the Play For Real Interceptor event. The Interceptor event will have you taking out cop vehicles, with increasing difficulty as you progress.

But if you have a jaw-dropping sweet ride that you’ve upgraded to the max, you shouldn’t have any problem surviving the onslaught whatsoever. In fact, you’ll be the one carrying out the onslaught. Just keep playing Interceptor repeatedly, around 6-7 times if you can, and then head to your hideout.

Result: You’ll probably be earning a ton of Speed Points, and can go well above 500,000 if you have a good car.

Thanks: Throneful

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