Need For Speed Payback Trial Kicks Off Tomorrow With Story Missions and Multiplayer

With only 10 days remaining until Need for Speed Payback’s official release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, EA announced its trial period for EA/Origin subscribers. Need For Speed Payback Trial starts tomorrow and will feature two story modes, the long-awaited Highway Heist, and its multiplayer mode.

If you want to try out Need for Speed Payback then all you have to do is grab your subscription on either Xbox One with EA Access or PC with Origin Access. According to EA’s post, in Need For Speed Payback Trial, you will “join Tyler, Jess, and Mac as you take on races, missions, and challenges to earn the respect of the Valley’s underground and compete in the ultimate race to finally take down The House”.

Kicking off tomorrow, November 2nd you can access the first trial of the game, which is not just a demo and will include the following features:

  • Up to ten hours of gameplay
  • Play the first two chapters of the story, including the Highway Heist blockbuster mission
  • Multiplayer Speedlists

During this time you will be also able to access the garage, get new cars, customize them and even find Derelicts – the “scrap cars” found throughout the world which you can recreate and turn into supercars. All progress will be carried on to your full game after its release including rep levels, bank, cars owned, customization and achievements.

As listed on Microsoft Store, Xbox One version of Need For Speed: Payback requires just 17.81 GB of HDD space, while we still don’t know the size of its PlayStation 4 and PC version, though on PC the game has indicated that you’ll need at least 30GB of free space in order to install it.

Need For Speed Payback releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 10 with the hope of bringing a new era to the Need for Speed franchise.

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