“Fuck You EA, You Won’t Get Away With This” Angry Joe’s Reaction To Need For Speed Payback Microtransactions

Need For Speed Payback was hyped a lot but when the game came out it was very disappointing and the same was the reaction of Angry Joe. The review came out yesterday, just in time for the EA Battlefront 2 issue and Angry Joe had a few things to say about Need For Speed Payback microtransactions. It is pretty clear that cards have nothing to do with cars.

The Need For Speed Payback microtransactions system is not only unimmersive, it is also not realistic. You no longer have the ability to customize what you want like in previous titles. Keep in mind that this is Need For Speed and the major selling point of the game is car customization. Players are paying $60 for the game and then you need to pay more for these special cards.

That is not how the game should be. The same goes for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Reviewers were sent copies of the game that needed less time to unlock the major characters of the game. That on its own impacted reviews and destroys the whole concept of reviews. Since then EA has reduced the grind for unlocking the characters but that was only after people on Reddit protested.

Angry Joe had the following to say about the Need For Speed Payback microtransactions:

Fuck you EA, this is EA, this is without a doubt EA…. You know what would be great for progression and unlocking Darth Vader? Loot boxes. DICE would not do that. This is EA, this 100% EA and it is getting out of control.

I know there are many people out there that feel the same way. I myself pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe version of the game 6 months in advance but then canceled a few days before the game came out just because of the card system. Angry Joe further went on to say that:

EA you are fucking with gaming and we are not letting you get away with this. Don’t buy this game, don’t buy this game. I don’t care what rating this is, this is not something we want to support.

You can check out the whole review below:

EA has been getting a lot of heat recently and Star Wars Battlefront 2 has also been roasted by StarCraft. EA responded to Star Wars: Battlefront II controversy by wishing Battlefield 4 had deeper microtransactions and you can read about that here.

A new Design Director has promised “to Look Into” Star Wars: Battlefront II progression and credits system. This could mean that there will be some changes made to the game in the future. Right now the number of hours needed in order to unlock iconic characters in the game has been reduced by 75%. That is a good start. The Reddit AMA is going to start soon and I am sure people are going to go all out on EA.

Let us know what you think about Need For Speed Payback microtransactions and whether or not you agree with the route EA is taking.

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