Need For Speed Payback Microtransactions Discussed By Producer

Marcus Nilsson, the producer of the upcoming new Need For Speed game, talked with Glixel about the Need For Speed Payback microtransactions that are going to be included in the game, along with the necessity for always being online while playing it. These add yet more sides to the debate raging right now.

Games that have microtransactions or require you to always be online in order to play are some of the most-criticized games out there, as both bits are often criticized both for being pay-to-win (not to mention a cheap way to squeeze more money out of gamers) and unreliable, respectfully. Not to mention both are entirely unnecessary: the parts that players can get via microtransactions can still be earned in the game, and always-online is always unnecessary, especially if you like to play solo.

Nilsson has said that the reason for microtransactions is because game development is getting more expensive, so this is a way to increase the game’s profits. A similar reason has previously been stated in response to microtransactions by Rockstar, as they have said that microtransactions can help to lessen the impact of a game that ends up flopping.

When it comes to the always online requirement, Nilsson believes that having an always online requirement for a game helps when the game is updated, as it being always online allows it to update faster and that the studio can make changes in real time.

Whether or not this is an acceptable explanation to the Need For Speed Payback microtransactions controversy remains to be seen, especially after the controversy that Middle-earth: Shadow of War had with its own microtransactions for what was, for the vast majority of its plot, a single-player game with no multiplayer component.

Either way, we’ll see how it all works with the Need For Speed Payback microtransactions when the game releases on November 10 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.