Need for Speed Heat To Not Have Speed Cards, Loot Boxes

The Need for Speed franchise has recently been criticized for being too greedy and putting in elements that just didn’t make sense. Especially the Speed Cards in Need for Speed Payback. But this time around, there won’t be any Speed Cards or loot boxes.

In an interview with Engadget, the creative dev had this to say:

“Speed cards were a little abstract,”
“So we’re leaning much more grounded and straightforward [this time]. You get money, you buy the part you want. And the part improves the performance of your vehicle in the ways you would expect for that part.”

EA Community Manager Ben Walke had this to say about loot boxes.

“There are no Loot boxes in Need for Speed Heat and there won’t be,”

Given the backlash that EA had been facing over the whole loot boxes debacle and how they had tried to save face by calling them surprise mechanics, it is good to see that they are backing off from this approach. After all, if I am playing a game that I have paid for, does it not make sense that I should have access to everything in that game?

In another welcome change, cars will not be restricted to one class. Any vehicle can be used for drifting or speed.

Bryn Alban, the game’s vehicle art director told Engadget:

“We’ve pulled those two [styles] apart as much as possible, so it’s very clear to the player what they’re building with their cars,”

The game will be affected by the different times of a day. The campaign is split in two in Need for Speed Heat. During daytime, you’ll get money from a series of race, drift and off-road events called the Speedhunter Showdown.

After sundown, you’ll need to earn “reputation” to unlock new events, cars and parts. In general, you can choose how long you want to spend in each setting. The fastest way to progress through the game, though, is to regularly alternate between race times.

In Need for Speed Heat, your car isn’t meant to be punisher of police cars, as was the case in Need for Speed Payback. Instead, your car will have a health meter, which will be damaged by frequent collisions.

This is what Riley had to say.

“You can battle strategically,”
“But you have to be smart about it, because you’re going to lose health in the process.”

It looks better than recent Need for Speed games, we can only know if that turns out to be true after it is released.