This is How Crew System Will Work in Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat will include a crew system, which will let you create alliances and rivalries with other players. How does it work?

Recently, we had the chance to interview Riley Cooper, creative director at Ghost Games and one of the people behind the next Need for Speed title. He had some interesting details to share about the game’s core mechanics. What’s intriguing to us is how the crew system in Need for Speed Heat will work, as a part of its multiplayer.

When asked about what he can share about multiplayer in Need for Speed Heat, Cooper was quick to point us to the Crew System. When the game officially releases, it will pit you and 15 more players in a single map.

There, you’ll be able to forge alliances and rivalries with other players. Joining or creating your own races will be a crucial part of how the crew system works. As a member of a crew, you’ll be able to see your comrades’ cars and customized characters in your garage. In detail, he said:

By default, you’ll be in Palm City with 15 other players (16 total.) Once there you can invite everyone on the server to join your races and you can of course join theirs. We also have a new Crew feature. We’ll put you in a starter crew and you can form your own as well. You’ll see members of your crew, their cars and their customized characters, in your garage every time you log in. You can also challenge your crew mates to set the best times on Crew Trial events spread throughout Palm City. And if you’d rather, you can also play heat offline.

As you can see, you don’t have to always play online if you don’t want to. However, multiplayer is an essential part of Need for Speed Heat. As a result, the crew system makes sure to fill the gap between the two. As some of you might remember, the last fully multiplayer NFS title, Need for Speed World took the MMO perspective and failed to achieve greatness due to its chaotic online system.

Playing in a map of only 16 players means that there’s a stronger connection between them. Right now, titles of a larger scale make players turn away from social interaction due to the fact that everything seems cluttered. Keeping the player count low, while giving them opportunities to interact with each other on a daily basis seems like a brilliant idea. We’ll have to know what players can do with the crew system in Need for Speed Heat apart from racing together though.

Moreover, Need for Speed ​​Heat will not present loot boxes or ‘surprise mechanics’ of any kind that can seek to take advantage of the players. However, they do plan to make use of some paid DLCs. Those will include additional vehicles and more additional content.

Need for Speed Heat will release on November 8th for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. We can’t wait to see how it holds up against other rumored racing titles like Forza Motorsport 8.

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