Necromunda: Hired Gun Tips and Tricks

Necromunda: Hired Gun is a pretty fast-paced game and you have to keep up with a steady progress. This guide of ours will give you some amazing tips and uncover some of the tricks that will not only help you progress faster, but also become the best-hired gun in all of Necromunda.

Necromunda: Hired Gun Tips and Tricks

Set in the Warhammer 40K universe, Necromunda: Hired Gun is basically like Doom but instead of slaying monsters, you are a bounty hunter taking down the various scum across the galaxy. In order to be successful in this fast-paced shooter, there are some essential tips you need to keep in mind while playing Necromunda: Hired Gun.

Make use of your Dog

One of the most fun things in Necromunda is that you can have a companion dog for yourself. Your doggo will not only guard you from enemies but can always make hidden enemies visible to you by tracing them. The best thing? – You can give him some well-deserved petting! Petting your dog even grants you the “Who’s a Good Boy” Achievement/Trophy.

Follow the Green Beacons

When you are in the initial levels of Necromunda: The Hired Gun, you’ll notice that most of the players have dropped green beacons in each level. These green beacons are your nightingales and will show you the path whenever you feel lost or wandered away from the main course.

Run and Gun

A Doom-esque element to Necromunda: Hired gun is that the game encourages a run and gun playstyle. By constantly moving and shooting you can take down enemies and complete objectives quickly.

Furthermore, enemies will drop health, armor and ammo generously. So you can be sure that you won’t be penalized for gunning people down and sprinting through them. You’ll always be able to replenish your health and Refractor Field.

Unlock Augmetics Talents

Augmetics in Necromunda: Hired Gun are of great use. After the first mission, speak to Rog Doc and buy upgrades to Augmetics using credits. The higher you upgrade them, the more effective they become.

When unlocking these talents, you should consider unlocking Augur Array first. It will let you scan any area for enemies and collectibles. Next, you should unlock Auto sanguine and Refractor Field upgrades. Autosanguine will surge your health restoration speed and Refractor field will enhance your armor power.

Enhance Shooting Skills & Weapons

Necromunda is all about shooting. You are a bounty hunter after all! What else would you rather spend your hard-earned credits on? However, you should keep a fixed target every time. You should know which guns you want to buy and save up credits accordingly.

Furthermore, you can enhance movement with upgrades to your grappling hook, sprint speeds and overall jumps.

You should also show some love to your dog and upgrade that good boy as well!

Credits make the world go round

Tired of feeling short-changed for your missions because of Imperial taxes? Well, while you can’t help but give those, you could try some fast earning credit methods outlined in our guide to really roll in the dough.