How to Make Money Fast in Necromunda: Hired Gun

As a hired gun in Necromunda, money is very important to your line of work. They say that time is money and so you’ll want to make as much as you can as fast as you can. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about making money fast in Necromunda: Hired Gun.

How to Make Money Fast in Necromunda Hired Gun

Before we get to farming credits, below we’ve listed some useful implants in Necromunda Hired gun that will help you with all jobs overall.

Vocal Implant
You need to be at least at level one of the Vocal implant. This will helps in influencing people easily.

Bionic legs
This implant will give you extra speed to complete the missions quickly and earn more money.

Heightened senses
With this implant, the reaction time of the enemies gets lower which will help you in defeating them and earning the money.

Strength booster
With this implant, you will get strength and more speed.

Money Farming methods in Necromunda

You can earn some money quickly by selecting mission types that are more lucrative than others. Some of these missions are: Fans Destruction, Meat harvest, Ammo Stockpiles, Fans Pollution.

All of these missions basically involve quickly completing the objective and ignoring enemies using your movement abilities to blaze through the map.

A special mission that’s comparatively easier than the others and can earn you a good amount of credits quickly is “save the witches.” We’ve detailed what you need to doin it below.

Save the Witches

This mission is basically free credits if you’ve learned the map layout. Select the Save the Witches in S Rank (or B or A if you haven’t unlocked those yet). There is a train in the background of this mission thumbnail so you can identify it easily. Just continue to refresh the mission page till you find this mission.

In this mission, the witches will be marked on the screen and you have to rescue them. You don’t have to kill anyone in this mission. Just run, swing and jump to them and quickly activate the consoles next to the witches to rescue them.

After a few runs you’ll basically have an optimal path to them memorized, so you can just rinse and repeat to complete it in under a minute. Rescue all the witches and you will be credited with around 23-25k credits.

Selling Loot

You will find different gear throughout your missions. These will remain in your inventory, and you can equip them whenever needed.

At the end of each mission, a loot screen will appear where you will find the information about the loot and collect it. You can also sell this loot for good money. Sell the loot you don’t need much and make some extra cash.

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