Necromunda: Hired Gun Best Early Game Upgrades

In this article, we will outline the best Necromunda Hired Gun Best Early Game Upgrades. These upgrades can help you in many ways throughout the game. These are vital for increasing your mastiff’s as well as your own strength in battle. Not only does augmenting yourself with bionic enhancements level the playing field, but it makes the game just all the more fun to toy around with.

Necromunda Hired Gun Best Early Game Upgrades

You’ve been hired for your services as a professional gunman in Necromunda to balance the unbalanced ecosystem. To do so, you’re going to want to upgrade your character as much as possible. We’ll be discussing Necromunda Hired Gun Best Early Game Upgrades, so you can make the right choices from the start of the game.

Talk to Rogue Doc for Bionic Upgrades in Necromunda
When you complete the first two missions, you can talk to Rogue Doc and open the side missions in Necromunda. For the upgrades, interact with Rogue Doc and get into the upgrades that you can apply to the mastiff.

Best Upgrades for Mastiff in Necromunda

Here the best ones to get are the bionic head, bionic body, and bionic paws. The bionic head offers a health bonus and increases the cyber mastiff’s HP. This can help your dog in tanking some damage on its own instead of going down very easily.

Next, in the bionic head section, your focus should be on the bionic nose. As this is useful for identifying enemies, so increasing the detection range is the wisest choice.

You can also get help in increasing the ability to track scouts. Moreover, in the bionic paws, focus on the dodge as this improves the reflexes of the mastiff. Make sure that you increase your speed under the bionic paws. Speed bonus and replacement of legs are the main advantages one gets with this upgrade.

Note that as you equip your Mastiff with bionic upgrades, it will lose its original body parts and instead be replaced by a more fierce bionic version of its original self.

Best Upgrades for your Character

Now, let’s move towards the best upgrades that you can apply to yourself.

Voice Implant – This is important because it increases the bounty bonus up to 30%. This improves your ability to generate money in the long run from side-missions. It also helps you to project your commands by using your voice. Also, allows the bounty hunter to influence people more easily, thus helping to get better bounties on contract.

Heightened Senses – Focus on the heightened senses. The reason Heightened Senses is just that good is that on its first upgrade, you’ll get a total of 8 seconds of slowed-down time to absolutely rip your enemies apart. Not only does that give you extra mobility around your enemy, but you can take your time to dodge any incoming attacks with relative ease or slow things down when everything seems to be getting too overwhelming.

Haywire Pulse – The other upgrade that we recommend is Haywire Pulse. Haywire Pulse disrupts the energy of the enemy and causes a great deal of damage. Deactivates enemies’ refractor fields, increases the range and energy stun duration. Moreover, this also allows the player to direct energy towards the Haywire Pulse.

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