Netherrealm’s Spiderman PS4 Doesn’t Care About The “No Killing Rule”

Spiderman PS4 is a standout exclusive title under development at Insomniac Games. Yet, Ed Boon wanted to show how the game would have looked like if the NetherRealm Studios made it. And the friendly neighboorhood Spiderman is nowhere near friendly in the NetherRealm’s version.

We got to see this violent side to Spiderman PS4 after Ed Boon posted a video on his Twitter feed. Needless to say, once you see the video you get all kinds of questions in your head. The first of which is the violent side to the Marvel’s superhero.

The video features an unchanged fighting sequence from Spiderman PS4 with added clips. The scenes made by NetherRealm show us the enemies getting beat into no flesh and full skeletons. It shows each attack in MK style X-Ray where players could see the bones getting crushed. From ribs to the skull every part breaks in the most brutal manner.

Although Spiderman PS4 had an original script Insomniac never altered the superhero’s core, NetherRealm Studios have shaken the whole existence of Spiderman. Their version depicts as if the superhero is some gruesome killer. The idea presented by Ed Boon might be enlightening at first but it does not seem doable with Spiderman.

Dropping his no killing rule and adding more violence to Spiderman PS4 would not be a wise step for the game. Moreover, Insomniac Games already seems to have the sequel under works. Ed Boon should thus forget that NetherRealm Studios are going to get a chance on working on it.

Meanwhile, Spiderman PS4 has introduced us to what could be a new era of Marvel games. So Ed Boon could look out for other prospects. A quite suitable title for NetherRealm Studios could be to develop an R Rated Deadpool game. It would be a nice blend of a dark, graphical, and comics video game.

NetherRealm Studios are currently working on Mortal Kombat 11 as Ed Boon has teased it too.

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