Rumor: NCSoft Is Working on a Horizon MMO

Guerrilla Games’s Horizon: Zero Dawn has rapidly become one of the flagship titles of the Playstation console, and now, Korean video game publisher and developer NCSoft is rumored to be developing an MMO that takes place in the same universe. The rumor comes from ResetEra via a Korean website.

Previously, NCSoft has been more focused on its “Lineage” series, but a Horizon MMO will be a big departure from the studio, especially considering the popularity of Lineage in Asian markets (to the point where NCSoft’s other IPs have actually underperformed.)

Whether or not a Horizon MMO will be successful remains to be seen. While the game is popular, MMOs are a risky thing to do, even for a popular game series. However, NCSoft’s experience at developing MMO titles might help this supposed Horizon MMO to be good from the get-go.

Of course, this all at the moment is unfounded and going entirely by rumor. It could be a mistranslation or just an outright lie made up by Smitch, but we won’t actually know until we get an official announcement from Sony or NCSoft, or even both.

Considering the universe of the Horizon games, where humanity is slowly rebuilding after being re-seeded following a robotic apocalypse, the story is ripe for a variety of adventures involving homicidal death robots, new tribes of humans to discover, and new regions to explore. We’ve also only seen a small part of the world in both of the current games.

A Horizon MMO does have a lot of good potential provided that NCSoft can make it good, and if the series has a big enough fanbase to make the MMO profitable, we can probably expect this rumor to be true. But, again, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Sony to be truly sure.

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