NCAA Football 14 Gold Drills Guide – How To

There are a whole bunch of Drills to be found in NCAA 14 that are useful for getting you started on some basic strategies and moves that you can use in actual games.

You can achieve three medals in them; bronze silver and gold and of course most of you want the gold. Unfortunately it can be a bit difficult as you’re only allowed to make one mistake or you miss your chance at getting that rating.

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Option Drill
For this one you basically just need good reaction time. The marked man will come charging at either you or the running back. Determine who he is going for, then pass or keep the ball with the safe man.

Remember you don’t need to score the touchdown, just pass the marked man.

Triple Option Drill
This is pretty much the same as the above drill except that this time there will be two people coming to take you down. To compensate, you’ll have the option of passing to either the running back or handing off to the full back.

The two tacklers will have an ‘R’ and a ‘P’ icon on them. Keep your eye on the ‘R’ guy, as he’ll run at you first.

Shovel Option Drill
Similar to the Triple Option Drill, this time you have two running backs you can pass to and two linesmen with ‘P’s over their heads coming for you. It’s not too difficult to see which running back their going for.

Take note if one of their guys goes really wide, as that means he’s going for a running back.

Oklahoma Drill
For this one use the two linesmen struggling in front of you to your advantage. As soon as the drill starts, run as if you’re going to one side of the blocker, then when their man comes to tackle you, immediately swing around to the other side.

If you do this correctly, their man will find the linesmen in his way and be unable to touch you.

Pass Trajectories Drill
For this one you need to pass the ball to the correct receiver at the right time.

Remember that the first five throws will be lobs (meaning they arc) and the other five will be bullet passes (which are faster and travel in a straight line). So for the first five passes it would be best if you wait until the receiver has managed to outrun his man before throwing.

For the bullets, try to get a clear line of fire so the pass doesn’t get interrupted.

User Catching Drill
Similar to the above drill, except you also have to catch the ball from the point of view of the receiver, and there are multiple receivers. To catch the ball, press ‘B’ immediately after throwing, and hold ‘Y’ to catch it.

Control Passing Drill
Before each rep of this drill, you will receive a notification on which direction you need to move the left stick while passing to lead the receiver. As long as you follow the instructions and don’t throw before the icon pops.

Ball Hawk Drill
This time you need to intercept passes. As soon as the opposing quarterback throws, press ‘B’ to switch to the QB or safety near the receiver and hold ‘Y’ to catch the pass.

It’s important to catch it as you don’t get points for just knocking it down. Another thing you can do is put pressure on the quarterback so he makes a sloppy throw (as you start out as a linesman).

Oklahoma Defense Drill
This is basically the same as the Oklahoma Drill, but you’re on the defensive this time.

For the first three reps, you’ll be the defensive linesman. You need to get off the man trying to block you and take down that ball carrier. It’s not difficult, and the ball carrier will always try to go right.

After that it gets tricky as now you’re the defensive linebacker. A good tip is to wait patiently for the handoff and take note of which way the ball carrier is running.

Make use of the hit stick so the guy doesn’t duck underneath your tackle. Sometimes the linesmen will get in your way, nothing you can do about that except try again.

Offensive Hot Routes Drill
For this one, you need to change a particular player’s run route within the first seconds of the drill beginning, and then execute a successful pass. You will get 15 opportunities for this and need 13 successful passes.

Just remember to take careful note of the route line after you change it so you know where your man will go and can lead him accordingly.

Defensive Hot Routes Drill
Similar to the last one, this time you need to stop the touchdown from happening. Not many tips for this one, just note that whenever it asks you to switch a route to ‘blitz’, the opposing team is probably going to run the ball.

Offensive Audibles Drill
This time you need to call specific plays and execute them. Sometimes it’ll be a run, sometimes a short pass etc. Just get the first down any way you can. Luck is a factor in this drill as sometimes you don’t have a good offensive line and get mobbed. Just keep trying.

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