Arcade Style 2v2 NBA Playgrounds Releasing Next Month

Built in the spirit of NBA Jam and Street, Saber Interactive has revealed that NBA Playgrounds will be releasing on consoles pretty soon.

Designed to provide a more arcade and cartoon-like experience to NBA fans, NBA Playgrounds is yet another game with the main focus on accessibility so that anyone can enjoy the game, despite not being NBA buffs or proficient at basketball games.

Since NBA Playgrounds is officially licensed by NBA, the arcade-style basketball game will feature both active and retired players including names like Allen Iverson and Steph Curry.

The game’s announcement was accompanied with a trailer showing Allen Iverson against Steph Curry, battling it out on neighborhood basketball courts as well as many famous locations around the world.

The game will feature a 2v2 play format, tailored towards arcade style but with a multitude of different moves and dunks at the player’s disposal. Fans can play NBA Playgrounds solo with and against AI, co-op with another person or online against other players.

Saber Interactive’s CEO Matt Karch is of the view that despite the game being accessible for everyone, it will have just the right amount of depth for even the hardcore players to have fun and consider it an achievement upon mastering the game.

NBA Playgrounds is scheduled to release next month as a digital title on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One.

The game will be priced at $20 but it remains to be seen whether it will be worth that price or not, and since there is no fixed release date besides the month of May, it might be some time for reviews to pop up.

The release of this arcade style game is not meant to take away any traffic from the mainstream NBA 2K17 however, since 2K continues to support the game released last year. Of course for people who might be tired of it, this game might be the perfect escape for a short while.

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