NBA 2K24 Best Shot-Creating 3-Level Threat Build For PG

Shot Creating 3 Level Threat build in NBA 2K24 focuses on teamwork and preparing the field for your teammates to score some points.

Shot creators are opportunity setters tasked with bringing the full potential of their team out, which is a task that is carried over in NBA 2K24. This NBA 2K24 Shot Creating 3-Level Threat build puts great stock in having a teamwork-centered all-rounder archetype on the field, especially during offense to create checkmate situations.

For a Shot Creating 3-Level Threat build in NBA 2K24, it is important to be quick to respond as the situation demands and take the best course of action, whether it’s passing the golden scoring opportunity to a teammate or doing it yourself.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Shot Creating 3-Level Threat build

For the sake of this Shot Creating 3-Level Threat build in NBA 2K24, the following are the recommended stats we have settled on:

Weight215 lbs
Close Shot55
Driving Layup74
Driving Dunk94
Standing Dunk40
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot85
Three-Point Shot85
Free Throw70
Pass Accuracy76
Ball Handle90
Speed with Ball85
Interior Defense38
Perimeter Defense70
Offensive Rebound26
Defensive Rebound42

How to set up a Point Guard Shot Creating 3-Level Threat build

Shot creators on their own are a great addition to any team, owing to their great solo capabilities when trying to carve a path into the enemy paint. Add on traits of a 3-Level Threat on top of your shot, and he is now basically an all-around menace, whether passing a difficult shot to a teammate, taking personal shots from long ranges, or dunking when up close and personal.  To that end, you’ll need to be fast enough to make your way across the court quickly, while also having an effective scoring kit to capitalize on the ranges you want to be scoring from.

We are going to put 94 points in Driving Dunk and let the other relevant statistics automatically level up with it. This allocation helps unlock some very decent badges to improve utility while also keeping your movement flexible and free from across the court.

Unlocking the Precision Dunker, Aerial Wizard and Slithery badges, among others, helps to boost your scoring capabilities in the paint, while also boosting your overall maneuverability.


You also want to round out your long-ranged capabilities so to that end, invest 85 in Mid-Range Shot, 85 in Three-Point-Shot and 70 points in Free Throw. For noteworthy reasons, these will not only unlock badges to bolster your range such as Limitless Range but also come with a myriad of shooting badges such as Corner Specialist, Agent-3, Catch and Shoot etc.

As a Point guard player in NBA 2K24, your first and main role is to ensure that you can pass the ball along to your teammates, especially when you find yourself cornered. For this, we have set Pass Accuracy at 76, Ball Handle at 90 and Speed with Ball at 85. This will unlock Blow-By and Speed Shooter badges to round out your evasiveness when handling the ball, as well as higher variants of Handles for Days playmaking badge, to streamline your stamina consumption while dribbling against defenders.

For the physical section, 81 points go into Speed, 77 points into Acceleration and 99 points into Stamina. These help us put in the required attributes for higher variations of Handles for Days as well as a slew of other badges such as Bulldozer to increase ball control and overpower defenders trying to take away the ball and prevent you from setting a troublesome position in their court.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Shot Creating 3-Level Threat build

Your badges determine the extent of additional benefits you gain for your play needs. Some more interesting and helpful badges may be accessible later but each one greatly boosts the capabilities of your team. There are a few layers to the level up system for badges, they start at Bronze, then go on to Silver, Gold and finally, Hall of Fame.

S-Tier badges

  • Fearless Finisher (Bronze): Improves your ability to go for successful contact layups from the opposing defenders.
  • Giant Slayer (Gold): Your layups become more potent when applied against defenders taller than your character’s set height.
  • Handles For Days (Silver): Less stamina consumed when special dribbling moves such as Eurostep or other specialized size-ups / dribbles are applied, allowing for greater court coverage, and juking the defenders.
  • Posterizer (Gold): Increases the chance of turning your standard standing dunks into contact dunks and Layups respectively.
  • Slithery (Hall of Fame): Makes it harder for enemy defenders to pin down the player, thus improving your control over the ball and making it easier to break through the defense, ending straight into a finish at the basket.
  • Blow-By (Silver): Allows the player to juke their defender more easily and breach the opposing team’s paint.
  • Speed Booster (Silver): Allows for a short speed burst when trying to break away from a defender straight to the paint, or in specific situations when trying to reclaim the ball from the opposing team.
  • Killer Combos (Silver): While mixing up your opponents, they will shift their center of mass and possibly face you with their non-dominant hand, making it easier to get the ball through. Also grants a bonus when combining multiple dribbling techniques, further boosting your success in breaking past defenders.
  • Agent 3 (Bronze): Strengthens your pull-up shot game, making it easier to score from the three-point range, bolstering your risk factor as you become a deadly adversary on both close and long range.
  • Unpluckable (Silver): Boosts your ball control capabilities, making it harder for enemy defense to seize control of the ball for themselves.
  • Hyperdrive (Gold): Reduces the time it takes to complete a dribbling animation while moving, allowing you to safely navigate the court.
  • Blinders (Silver): Decreases the penalty on jump shots when a defender contests on time.
  • Limitless Range (Bronze): Your three-point shot range will be increased with this perk.
  • Deadeye (Silver): Jump shots receive less of a penalty to accuracy from late contests by defenders.

A-tier badges

  • Precision Dunker (Gold): The skill dunk mechanic becomes easier to use with this badge.
  • Bulldozer (Bronze): While in control of the ball, gives you a boost to your strength so you can overpower defenders trying to steal the ball from you.
  • Physical Handles (Gold): Allows you to quickly change directions when defenders are tailing you, allowing more free form and less risky traversal across the court.
  • Acrobat (Bronze): Boosts ability to make high difficulty shots near the basket.
  • Ankle Breaker (Gold): When executing certain dribbling moves, defenders are more likely to stumble or freeze.
  • Dimer (Silver): When in the half-court, assist passes made to open shooters/teammates, improve the accuracy of the shot that they will take.
  • Corner Specialist (Gold): Gives a boost to shots taken from the corner of the court.
  • Ankle Braces (Bronze): Reduces the risk of an ankle injury while defending against dribble moves from opponents.
  • Green Machine (Silver): Increases your Green window after consecutive excellent releases.
  • Catch & Shoot (Gold): Boosts a player’s ability to successfully hit jump shots after receiving a pass from a teammate.
  • Space Creator (Silver): Improves the ability to hit shots and cross up an opponent after disengaging from the defender and maintaining a minimum set distance.

B- Tier badges

  • Brick Wall (Bronze): Screens become more of a threat and drain energy from opponents upon touch.
  • Immovable Enforcer (Bronze): Improves your strength while on defense to deny opposing ball handlers and finishers.
  • Bunny (Hall of Fame): Your hop step layups and dunks become much stronger.
  • Float Game (Silver): Floater shots, far ranged shots to make the basket, become more accurate.
  • Pro Touch (Gold): Gives an additional boost on shots for having good layup timing.
  • Scooper (Silver): Improves ability to make quick scoop layups.
  • Whistle (Silver): Increases chances to get more free throws when creating contact at the rim or during jump shots.
  • Aerial Wizard (Gold): Improves ability to finish lobs and putbacks at the rim.
  • Triple Strike (Gold): Improves ability to counter the opponent’s triple threat by covering their shooting, dribbling, and passing routes.
  • Touch Passer (Bronze): Speeds up how quickly players pass the ball after just receiving it.
  • Special Delivery (Silver): Flashy passes will boost the receiver’s stats, allowing him to dunk the ball in the basket either directly via Alley-oop pass, or have more success in raw shots after receiving the pass.
  • Middy Magician (Silver): Pullups and spin shots, specifically from the mid-range area, receive a great boost in accuracy.
  • Open Looks (Silver): Your ability to shoot accurate wide-open jumpshots greatly increases.
  • Guard Up (Gold): Improved chance to make jump shots when defenders fail to properly contest, however, must make sure that the defender is in close proximity for the contest to count.
  • Relay Passer (Silver): Provides a boost to shooters taking a shot after a pass to assist.
  • Comeback Kid (Gold): Improved ability to make shots while trailing.
  • Claymore (Gold): Increased chance to knock down shots made by opposing shooters from the perimeter.
  • Spot Finder (Gold): Improves ability to get open and receive a pass in the heart of the opposing perimeter.

C-Tier badges

  • Break Starter (Silver): After grabbing rebound shots, your next pass will be much stronger.
  • Off-Ball Pest (Bronze): Your Bump hits and becomes more effective and you are more efficient in preventing opponents from making a breakthrough to your paint.
  • Spin Cycle (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to make higher-level spin layups and dunks.
  • Two Step (Hall of Fame): Improves dribbling capabilities to make eurostep and cradle layups/dunks more feasible, adding to your dramatic finisher repertoire.

Best animations

For our Shot Creating 3 Level Threat Build in NBA 2K24, instead of custom animation, we recommend just using the Scottie Pippen animation preset.

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