How To Do Race Of The Week In NBA 2K24

Race of the Week is a fun skating minigame in NBA 2K24 that can earn you a lot of free VC if you come out on top.

The Race of the Week in NBA 2K24 is a minigame that can be played in The City. While generally meant to be a fun breakaway from the regular core gameplay, the better you perform in the 2K24 Race of the Week, the more rewards you will earn. But the question is, how are you supposed to take part in the Race of the Week?

How to find Race of the Week in NBA 2K24

For starters, you’ll want to open the Quest Journal and navigate to the Season tab. Here you will see a few missions that will increase over time. For now, hover over the Race of the Week: Season 1 Week 1 journal entry and track the quest.

Apart from the general rewards of 2,500 VC, some season XP, and a player banner, you’ll notice the quest description mentions an additional 1,000,000 VC reward if you manage to finish at the top spot. That’s right, there is a timer aspect to this electric skateboarding game. The quicker you finish up, the better rewards you’re guaranteed to get.

In any event, track the quest from the mini-map and find the relevant NPC posting the quest. Talk to the NPC, Hanna Ray to start the quest.

Tips to win NBA 2K24 Race of the Week

When the race begins, you’ll notice there are these big checkpoints you’ll have to go through, and a large red arrow near them, pointing in the direction you need to turn next to reach your goal.

Following the checkpoints leisurely is no big deal and is rather self-evident. However, beating the target score to reap the additional 1,000,000 VC reward will take a bit of practice and precision.


For starters, avoid making turns in one long motion after passing the checkpoint in Race of the Week. Instead, as you notice the checkpoint in the distance, slowly move your character to the side until you’re essentially an inch to the side of the checkpoint post. There you must turn as indicated by the red pointing arrow.

Once through, it takes only a slight turn, not even a complete one, to straighten yourself, saving a few seconds that would have been lost trying to turn normally.

This method does require a bit of practice, not to mention there are certain things that can add to the overall time taken. For instance, making a corner turn that close to the checkpoint posts, while optimal, also requires quick thinking.

Several obstructive objects like mailboxes, lamp posts etc. are scattered around the walkway and you could easily collide with them. This will cause you to lose valuable time that could have made the difference in getting the top score in Race of the Week.

Momentarily transitioning from the road onto the walkway as you make those tight corner turns and follow the arrow can also add a few micro delays to your finish time, but you have some leniency in the number of times you can do this and still end faster than the target score so don’t worry about it too much. And it’s as simple as that.

A bit of trial and error and you’ll be sure to snag that extra prize pot in no time.

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