NBA 2K24 Best Layup Packages

Layup on your opponents for some stylish baskets.

Finding success as a shooter in NBA 2K24 is contingent on various shooting skills. While 3-point shots get a lot of hype around them, Layups are a fundamental of scoring that generate a lot of hype of their own too. Having your character kitted out with the best Layup packages in NBA 2K24 can make all the difference between an overwhelming victory or a close call. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the intricacies.

NBA 2K24 Best Layup Packages

To get right into the matter, these are the 4 recommended Layup Packages in NBA 2K24 that are worth keeping in mind:

  1. Kobe Bryant
  2. Trae Young
  3. Stephen Curry
  4. Giannis Antetokounpo

The Layup Packages recommended here were chosen because they tend to have solid ratings on various shots, e.g., Giannis happens to be an A on average on all shots like Hop, Floater, Spin, etc. They all also cover the height requirements for big, small, and medium bodies. With Giannis for the big bodies, Kobe for medium bodies, and Stephen and Trae for potentially small bodies.

Once you have decided which layup package to use, select Animations under My Career > My Player and then pick the layup animation you want from the Gameplay Animations category.

Layup Animation Requirements

The table below will detail the Finishing Requirements for the various Layups recommended prior:

LayupDriving DunkDriving LayupMin. HeightMax. HeightStanding DunkVertical
Kobe Bryant25885’76’92525
Giannis Antetokounpo25886’107’32525
Stephen Curry25865’76’42525
Trae Young25805’76’42525

Best Layup Timing Settings in NBA 2K24

This is a somewhat divisive question and one you’ll need to work around based on your own needs. Turning off the Shot Meter comes with the benefit of increasing your Green Window size by around 20%. However, this has a tradeoff of having to practice confirming via visual cues instead of a tangible bar.


That said, it’s a time-consuming matter, so if you’re starting off or just want to make things easier on yourself, the following are some settings you can apply:

  • Shot Timing: Shots and Layups
  • Layup Meter: On
  • Shot Meter Style: Whatever you want
  • Shot Meter Location: By the Head
  • Shot Meter Input Type: All

The key here is that applying the Shots and Layups Shot Timing leads to a noticeable increase in the size of the Green Window, allowing you to nail perfect shots with more frequency.

Beyond that, having the Layup Meter set to ‘On’ will give you a bar that will help you manually time your shots. Meanwhile, having the Shot Meter placement be ‘By the Head’ helps keep it separate from the chaos of the court. This lets you focus exclusively on the Layup timing instead of getting sidetracked by other distractions around you.

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