NBA 2K24 Best Inside The Arc Finisher Build For Center

Inside the Arc Finisher build in NBA 2K24 acts as a post-scorer with a mixture of both good offense and defense to make use of your size.

The most useful player in NBA 2K24 is the one having multi-talents and skills and who is able to perform at both offense and defense. With the help of our NBA 2K24 Inside The Arc Finisher build we are going to make a post-scorer character just like that.

A post scorer in NBA 2K24 spends most of his gameplay time in the paint either playing offensive near the basket or defensively protecting his own rim. With a bulky strong body and a good height, they utilize these physical attributes to reach the paint and score with a perfect post move.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Inside The Arc Finisher build

For the Inside The Arc Finisher build in NBA 2K24, we opted for the Center position. Being a post scorer most of the movement will be in between the paints so the most suitable choice is the center position. All the attribute points associated with this particular build are mentioned in the table below.

Weight290 lbs
Close Shot98
Driving Layup_
Driving Dunk40
Standing Dunk80
Post Control92
Mid-Range Shot78
Three-Point Shot33
Free Throw54
Pass Accuracy71
Ball Handle42
Speed with Ball_
Interior Defense77
Perimeter Defense52
Offensive Rebound86
Defensive Rebound80

How to setup Inside The Arc Finisher build

With the aim of getting the ball from the teammates and taking it forward to the post to make a perfect basket shot, a center-positioned player with a good height and amazing deceptive skills is all we need.

With the current build, our main focus is on the Post Control and Close Shot attributes to strengthen the ability to make a perfect shot from the paint. Additionally, with high strength and the ability to perform good jumps, we can easily attempt a basket call getting an advantage of the player’s height.

In addition to the offensive skills and abilities, a post scorer must have some defensive skills as well to defend the rim from the paint and avoid the opponent post scorers to make a basket call.


Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Inside The Arc Finisher build

Another important NBA 2K24 feature associated with the builds is the use of badges. They are a kind of upgrades that help boost some specific features of the player. Additionally, they can also be utilized to unlock some new skills as well.

Without good badge research, you cannot make the best NBA 2K24 Center build for your character. However, getting your hands over these badges requires certain points for different character attributes.

These badges belong to different tiers in the game. We have prepared a list for you which includes all the badges from different Tier categories used in the Inside The Arc Finisher build.

Tier S


Being a Post Scorer, most of the time you will running around the paint to get a clean basket, and for that, Dropstepper is a useful badge. It effectively enhances the player’s ability to use drop steps in the post.


For the current build, having a 92 Post Control allows us to use the Gold Unpluckable playmaking badge instead of the generally used Silver one. With this badge, the chances of getting stripped by the opponent defender are reduced by a significant amount.

Tier A

Backdown Punisher

This badge provides the strength to back down their opponent to make up a smooth way to the post.

Hook Specialist

It significantly improves the Hook Shots. The Post players can receive the ball from behind while being in the paint and march ahead to the basket.

Post Fade Phenom

Building a post scorer player must have the Post Fade Phenom badge as this badge helps the player improve his post fade and hop shots.

Post Spin Technician

For a good finisher, you must have some amazing dodging skills to perform in the paint to have a perfect basket. Post spin is one of them you can use while being under pressure from the defenders. Post Spin technician badge helps improve the post-spin to effectively drive to work.

Tier B

Dream Shake

In the paint, making some fake post calls to deceive the defenders is important, and Dream Shake helps the player increase the shot chance by raising the chance of defenders getting into a post fake.

Guard Up

With the Guard Up shooting badge, the ability to perform jumpshots is effectively increased especially when the defenders are unable to understand your move.

Open Looks

Just like the Guard up, Open Looks also improves the jump shots but has a wider area. Being a post scorer, you just need a good chance to reach the basket and a good jump can do that easily with a 7’3’’ height.


This badge helps improve the jump shots so it will work in coordination with the Open Looks and Guard Up badges as well.

Tier C

Middy Magician

This badge comes in effect, especially for the center-positioned players. For the Post Scorer build, this badge helps the player perform a good finish by boosting the effectiveness of pull-ups and spin shots.

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