NBA 2K24 Diming Interior Threat Build

Diming Interior Threats are tasked with creating openings and passing the ball around freely in the painted area of the court. They are the true playmakers in NBA 2K24, and our build is strictly aimed towards achieving this goal.

Diming in basketball is akin to assisting in other games. Diming players are basically playmakers who help their teammates to score. For this build, we are going with a Diming Interior threat in NBA 2K24 whose passing technique can tear apart the defenses of the opponents. With them being an interior forward makes them even more deadly inside the paint area and around the rim. Diming players in NBA 2K24 are usually strong, big and with great wingspan to control the offense. 

In this guide, we will create a post scoring, paint defending and playmaking character that serves as a Diming Interior threat in NBA 2K24. This build of ours comes out at 7’1” and is dedicated to one of the greatest center players ever, Hakeem Olajuwon.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Diming Interior Threat

For our Diming Interior threat build in NBA 2K24, we are going with the following stats. These are our curated stats to get the most out of passing technique. We recommend that you tinker a bit with other attributes, but it is preferable to stick with the following stats. 

Height 7’1” 
Weight 249 lbs 
Wingspan 7’11” 
Close Shot (focus) 90 
Driving Layup 40 
Driving Dunk 60 
Standing Dunk 65 
Post Control 65 
Mid-Range Shot 76 
Three-point Shot 74 
Free Throw 63 
Pass Accuracy (focus) 92 
Ball Handle 57 
Speed with Ball 27 
Interior Defense 82 
Perimeter defense 58 
Steal 27 
Block (focus) 92 
Offensive Rebound (focus) 93 
Defensive Rebound 89 
Speed 60 
Acceleration 45 
Strength (focus) 90 
Vertical 75 
Stamina (focus) 95 

For this build, our focus is on passing the ball around with pinpoint accuracy. We will also be focusing on receiving rebounds to perform slam dunks and close-up shots to score some precious 2-pointers. The final area of focus is strength.

How to set up Diming Interior Threat build

Diming Interior Threats are the playmakers who control the whole game inside the court. Their main purpose is to pass the ball around. However, this is easier said than done. To be able to achieve such a feat without getting stripped by the defenders, Dime needs immense physical strength and stamina to withstand the pressure. They also need to be proficient with close shots, rebounds and dunks to score 2 pointers in case they fail to pass the ball around. 

For offense, we are only focusing on Close up shot (90), Mid-Range shot (76) and Three-point shot (74). As our build for the Diming Interior Threat is a Center, we also want them to score some precious points whenever possible. For this purpose, this build is proficient in scoring 2-pointers and occasional 3-pointers from a mid-range distance. 


Now comes the most important part of our build, Playmaking. A dime is nothing if not a playmaker. To make them a passing beast on the court, we have 92 points in Pass Accuracy and 63 points in Free Throw. This will unlock all the HoF badges that we need for Diming Interior Threat in NBA 2K24. 

For defense, we are going with 92 points in Block, 93 points in Offensive Rebound and 89 points in Defensive Rebound. This allows our players to not only block and evade the fearsome defenders, but they can also score some rebounds for dunks or passing the ball around. 

Being physical plays a very important role for a dime player in basketball. It also compliments when they play the Center position in addition to their designated role. For this purpose, we have 90 points in Strength stat and 95 points in Stamina. This makes our build almost impervious to ball snatches and losing the court to the defenders.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Diming Interior Threat build

NBA 2K24 builds are all about badges. They define the archetype and the role of your created character in the game. For our Diming Interior threat build in NBA 2K24, we are going with the following badges.


  • Anchor (Gold): This allows you to efficiently block and defend the paint area. 
  • Break Starter (HoF): This badge vastly improves your ability to make outlet passes after a rebound. 
  • Brick Wall (Gold): The defensive badge Brick Wall improves your screens and drains energy from opponents on contact. 
  • Boxout Beast (HoF): This allows you to get a good rebound position in the paint.
  • Catch and Shoot (Silver): This badge increases your chances of a jump shot after a catch. 
  • Fast Twitch (Gold): This increases your speed of standing layups and dunks around the rim. 
  • Fearless Finisher (Gold): This badge improves your ability to convert contact layups into baskets. 
  • Masher (Gold): This badge makes you unstoppable around the rim against small defenders. 
  • Pogo Stick (Gold): This badge allows faster recovery after a landing. 


  • Dimer (Gold): Your open teammates can do better jump shots after receiving a pass with the help of Dimer playmaking badge
  • Green Machine (Silver): This badge increases your bonus for doing consecutive releases. 
  • Hook Specialist (Silver): This badge allows you to do improved post hooks. 
  • Post Fade Phenom (Silver): This badge improves your post fades and hop shots. 
  • Work Horse (Gold): This badge increases your speed to get loose balls over your opponents.

B-Tier badges

  • Immovable Enforcer (Gold): This badge improves your defending skills against finishers and ball handlers. 
  • Needle Threader (Gold): This badge increases your chances of making a difficult pass. 
  • Open Looks (Silver): This allows you to make wide-open jumpshots
  • Post Playmaker (HoF): This badge improves the shot percentage on passes when they are given to a shooter by a post. 
  • Pro Touch (HoF): This badge improves your post-layup timings. 
  • Whistle (Silver): This badge increases your chances of winning fouls when trying to score. 

C-Tier badges

  • Comeback Kid (HoF): This badge improves the shot ability when you are trailing. 
  • Middy Magician (Silver): This shooting badge increases the effectiveness of your pull up and spin shots from mid-range. 
  • Special Delivery (HoF): This badge improves your alley-oop throws and shot chance for the receiver. 
  • Touch Passer (Gold): This badge speeds up how quickly you can pass the ball around after receiving it. 

Best animations

The following are the animations we will be using for our best Diming Interior Threat build in NBA 2K24. 

  • Hakeem Olajuwon 
  • Walker Kessler 
  • Alperen Sengun 
  • A+ Ball control 
  • A+ height control 

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