NBA 2K24 Best Team For Each Position

There are a few teams that you can combine with your MyPlayer to be the best for each position on the court in NBA 2K24.

Your MyCareer progression requires a good, balanced team to rule the court in NBA 2K24. Since each player features varying stats and is tailored for a specific role, you need to find the best team members for each position on the court.

Selecting the wrong team may force your guards to go in the front lines and score points instead of the actual centers.

Additionally, team chemistry is of the utmost importance when you are playing online, as you will need every competitive edge over other teams.

Best Team to choose for each position in NBA 2K24

We will be going over the best teams for all five positions in NBA 2K24, starting with the guarding positions, and then moving on to others.

Best Team for Point Guard (PG)

Players wanting a good point guard need to have the best ball handlers on their team. This position is literally the equivalent of NFL quarterbacks who are leaders of the offense and throw forward passes to the right players.

The best team for the point guard position would be the Miami Heat in NBA 2K24. They have a history of winning championships and reaching the finals at least twice in the last five years.


The only weak point comes in the shape of Celeb Martin and Kyle Lowry. Celeb may not be the best starter as the likes of Jimmy and Bam, he’s the best option the team has got for now.

The team has two finest passing targets, Jimmy Butler and Herro. Jimmy is already one of the strongest small forward players in the game, so can carry your offenses and defenses efficiently.

By replacing Kyle with your MyPlayer, the Miami Heat can achieve the highest number of assists in the league.

Best Team for Shooting Guard (SG)

The main task of a shooting guard is scoring points for the team (usually by making shots from a distance) and stopping the opponents from doing the same. If you are looking to focus on an offensive and defensive team, the shooting guard is your best bet.

The current NBA champions, the Denver Nuggets, are the best team to choose for the shooting guard position in NBA 2K24.

They are looking forward to retaining their title at all costs this year too. However, their weak shooting guard, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope may be a hurdle in this destination.

By introducing a MyPlayer at this position instead, you can make a team that has no vulnerable spots in its defenses or offenses.

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are among the strongest centers and can interchange their positions anytime.

Just make sure to make a player that can shoot perfect threes while slashing down opponents, and you will see your scoreboard filled with points in minutes.

Best Team for Small Forward (SF)

The Small Forwards are responsible primarily for scoring points, passing the ball to their teammates, and defending their basket. Just like a shooting guard, a small forward plays versatile roles in the game.

The best team for small forward is the Phoenix Suns. Their small forward position (held by Josh Okogie) needs your utmost focus and needs to be replaced with Your MyPlayer. Other than that, nothing holds the team back from winning this year’s title.

With Kevin Durant as a power forward and Bradley Beal as a shooting guard, getting a ton of assists will be a cup of cake for your team.

Best Team for Power Forward (PF)

The Power Forwards have similar roles as that of centers, though having a relatively bigger size.

While playing as defense, they play while keeping their backs toward the basket and making rebounds for the team. When the opponents have high defense in their arsenal, this is the only position that helps you score points in abundance.

The best team for the power forward position is the Philadelphia 76ers in NBA 2K24. Although one of the strongest teams on paper, they haven’t made it even into the finals ever, let alone win a championship.

This reality can be changed only if you make wise decisions and introduce the right player after selecting the 76ers.

The team has Joe Embiid, the current MVP and one of the best centers in the game. James Harden is also an elite point guard and a top scorer.

The only weak spot seems to be P.J. Tucker. Replacing him with yourself can make all the difference and lead your team to the well-needed victory it deserves.

Best Team for Center (C)

The tallest players on the team, the Centers stay close to the basket in both offensive and defensive modes. The Center player rebounds missed shots while on the offensive side and blocks shots while on the defensive side.

Centers are the big men of the team and carry the most important roles in the game. Only a handful of teams are usually successful in making efficient use of their center players.

If you are looking for a good team for the Center position, look no further than the Golden State Warriors in NBA 2K24.

The only player below the 80 threshold is their center, Jacob Poeltl. Replacing him with a suitable big will take the team to the highest possible rises and make your defenses and offenses the strongest in the game.

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