NBA 2K24 Best 2-Way 3PT Combo Guard Build For SG

Combo Guards are exceptional players that can play both guard positions in NBA 2K24. In this guide, we will create the best combo guard that play 2-way with 3PT scoring ability to boast.

Combo guards in basketball are a hybrid between point guards and shooting guards. They are capable of playing both positions depending upon the situation of the court and the match. Combo guards are unmatched when it comes to playmaking and offensive shots. Our goal is to create a 2-way 3PT combo guard in NBA 2K24 by selecting proper attributes and badges. 

Our guide is dedicated to one of the founding fathers of the combo guard position, Allen Inversion. Combo guards are usually short with their height ranging from 6’3” to 6’6”. For the starting position, we are going with Shooting guard position and will work our way up to Combo guard in NBA 2K24.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 2-way 3PT Combo Guard build

To have a perfect 2-way 3PT combo guard build in NBA 2K24, you need to select the following attributes precisely.

Height 6’6” 
Weight 181 lbs 
Wingspan 7’0” 
Close Shot 60 
Driving Layup 80 
Driving Dunk – 
Standing Dunk – 
Post Control – 
Mid-Range Shot 73 
Three-point Shot 86 
Free Throw 76 
Pass Accuracy (focus) 91 
Ball Handle (focus) 92 
Speed with Ball 85 
Interior Defense 55 
Perimeter defense (focus) 93 
Steal 85 
Block 75 
Offensive Rebound – 
Defensive Rebound 48 
Speed 80 
Acceleration 83 
Strength 60 
Vertical 50 
Stamina (focus) 99 

For our 2-way 3PT combo guard build in NBA 2K24, we will be mainly focusing on defense, playmaking, 3-pointers and lots of reserve energy to survive both guard positions at once.

How to set up 2-Way 3PT Combo Guard build

Combo guards are both playmakers and point scorers. They need to excel at defense as it is also a part of Point Guard territory. For our 2-way 3PT combo guard build in NBA 2K24, we will go with a playstyle that compliments both offense and defense while prioritizing playmaking. 

For offense, we have selected a Driving layup with 80 points, a Three-point shot with 86 points and 76 points in Free throw. This allows us to play both inside the paint and outside for some long-ranged shots. 


The best thing about combo guard is their playmaking ability. They are kings of the court when it comes to moving the ball around and setting their finishers for baskets. For playmaking, we have 91 points in Pass accuracy, 92 points in Ball handle and 85 points in Speed with ball. These stats unlock special playmaker HoF badges for our 2-way 3PT combo guard build in NBA 2K24. 

As a hybrid of point guards, combo guards are adept defenders in NBA 2K24 and can steal the ball to change the momentum of the game. For defense purposes, we have 93 points in Parameter defense, 85 points in Steal and 75 points in Block to unlock best defensive badges.

Combo guards are usually small with less weight to gain more speed during offensive and playmaking. For our 2-way 3PT combo guard build in NBA 2K24, we have decided to assign 83 points in Acceleration, 80 points in Speed and 99 points in Stamina.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 2-Way 3PT Combo Guard

The following badges are compulsory to complete our 2-way 3PT combo guard build in NBA 2K24.

S-Tier badges

  • Bail out (Silver): This badge improves your chances of competing mid-air for the pass. 
  • Blow By (Gold): This badge allows you to easily pass the defenders on the parameter. 
  • Handle for Days (Gold): This badge reduces the amount of energy you consume while performing dribble moves
  • Glove (Silver): This badge allows you to easily steal the ball from ball handlers. 
  • Interception (Silver): This badge improves your chances of getting steals in passing lanes. 
  • Speed Booster (Silver): This badge grants you a speed burst when attacking from the parameter. 

A-Tier badges for 2-way 3PT Combo Guard build in NBA 2K24

  • 94 Feet (HoF): This badge allows you to harass and bother ball handlers from the opponent’s attackers. 
  • Ankle Breaker (Gold): This badge allows you to freeze or drop a defender by showing off your dribbling moves. 
  • Catch and Shoot (Gold): As soon as you catch the ball, you get a chance to make a successful shot. 
  • Corner Specialist (Gold): Your shots from the corner get better exponentially. 
  • Dimmer (Gold): This badge improves your open teammates chances at jump shot after they catch the ball. 
  • Fast feet (Gold): This badge allows you to stay in front of a ball handler. 
  • Hyperdrive (Silver): This badge improves your dribbling skills while moving on the court. 
  • Right Stick Ripper (Silver): you can now steal balls from dribblers by using your right stick. 
  • Spot Finder (Gold): This badge allows you to quickly get open after passing the ball around. 
  • Work Horse (Gold): This badge increases your ability to get a loose ball from over the opponents. 

B-Tier badges

  • Relay Passer (Gold): This badge provides a boost to shooters who receive an assist. 
  • Special Delivery (HoF): Once you receive a flashy pass, your chances for a successful alley oop and shots increase. 
  • Touch Passer (Gold): This badge allows you to speedily pass the ball around after receiving it. 
  • Triple Strike (Gold): This badge allows you to break out of triple threat easily. 

C-Tier badges

  • Break Starter (Gold): Once you gain a rebound, your ability to make outlet passes improves.

Best animations

For our 2-way 3PT combo guard build in NBA 2K24, we have selected the following animations. 

  • Allen Iverson 
  • JT Thor 
  • Magic Johnson 

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