NBA 2K22 Tips

Here are some NBA 2K22 tips that will help you get around some of the new features and mechanics quickly. These tips will make sure that your experience while playing the latest NBA title is smooth and hassle-free.

NBA 2K22 Tips

We have put together some tips that will help you get started in NBA 2K22 and get on the right track. Some of these tips will explain the newly introduced features in the game so, there will be useful information for you even if you are a veteran NBA player.

Grind Your Player First

You have to make sure that you grind your My Career players first. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of the earlier matches.

Spin the Wheel Daily

You have to spin the wheel in your safe space daily because you never know when you’ll hit the jackpot and get decent rewards. Just make a habit of doing it daily.

Complete Quests

Completing quests can be very useful, especially if you are grinding My Career.

A lot of the quests will be related to the career mode, so they won’t be taking much of your time and offer a good XP boost. They also reward you with VC points.

Don’t change Jump Shots

A lot of players change their jump shots every season, and in doing so, they become less consistent scorers. You should avoid frequently changing your jumps.

Instead, find the NBA player who you are most comfortable with and add their jump to your player. Then just practice with it and stick to it to become a much better scorer.

Follow the Meta

Even if you are an NBA veteran or a new player, the NBA meta changes with every release, and you’ll be at a disadvantage if you don’t adapt to it.

The best way to stay in touch with the latest meta is by following YouTubers and adapt to their builds. They figure out the best builds and jump shots making life a lot easier for you.

Practice the Dribble

In NBA 2K22, Dribbling requires a lot of practice, and you have to pick your favorite dribbler and hit 2k U to practice your chain shots and overall flow of your dribble.

If you cannot chain your dribbles properly, then this playstyle is not suited for you.

Stick to your Matchup

While defending, the most important thing is that you stick to the player in front of you.

The computer might tell you to do other things like helping some other position but ignore all that and never leave your matchup. Defending will become very easy for you if you follow this tip.

Go to the College

New players should go to the college first and then move up the ladder because that way, you’ll first play the G Leagues and then head on over to the NBA.

This gives you more amateur games to play through and practice different skills in the game. These extra games will help you polish your dribbles and jump shots before you get to the big leagues.

Importance of Reliable moves

As a 60 overall, you need to have a reliable jump shot and a reliable throw to perform well whenever you are picked.

Making sure you are helping your teammates and scoring with consistency is key to becoming a successful player. That is why you should pick the best-suited moves for your player and keep practicing with them.

Let your team handle the play

When you have 35 seconds to make the shot, you should let your team handle the play till the last 12 seconds.

If they are not able to score until that point, then you can call for a screen and score for your team. If your build is more scoring and shot-oriented, then scoring on screens shouldn’t be a problem for you at all.

Utilize Fast Travel

In NBA 2K22, players have the luxury of using Fast Travel. You get the ability to fast travel early on through the MyCareer mode. Upon speaking to the NPCs regarding the G League or College options, fast traveling will be unlocked to you. But how do you fast travel in BA 2k22? Well, fast traveling can be accomplished by pressing R1 on the console.

Unfortunately, fast travel only allows you to travel back to your apartment. If you want to visit other locations, you can travel by other means of transportations. Speaking of which…

Get yourself a BMX

Remember when we mentioned that you have other modes of transport? Well, we will tell you how to get yourself a BMX bike in NBA 2k22. First of all, travel to the shopping district to find a shop by the name of ‘Wheels’. Once in the shop, talk to the employee to prompt a menu.

The menu will display all the bikes available for purchase.  BMX bikes cost about 65-70k VC depending on the colors as well. But if you prefer rollerblades then, they sell that as well! Once purchased you can equip it just like you did with the skateboard.

Take some killer Selfies

In the city, you will be met with some challenges that require you to take a selfie. For example, you found a specific character that you need to take a picture with. How do you take a selfie? To take one, simply open up your in-game phone (left button on the D-Pad). On the phone select the Camera App.

Once the Camera is opened, press R1 to switch onto the front camera view. Position yourself and the Subject in the frame. After you’re satisfied with the composition, press X to take a picture. If you are feeling extra fancy, you can review the picture and add filters to it. But do remember to save the picture if you are taking it for a challenge.

Unlock Spawn Points

Like any other Metropolitan city, the City in NBA 2k22 is hard to navigate. For this purpose, spawn points are very convenient since you can jump in different sectors to cover large distances. But there is a random pattern when spawning in. We will teach you how to unlock and set precise Spawn Points.

In the City, you will be given a side quest by an ATM. The name of the quest goes as follows ‘Unlock Spawn Location’. To complete this quest, make sure that you are running 26.2 miles through the City. Unfortunately using your bike, skateboard or rollerblades won’t count.

Once that mileage goal is reached, you will attain Spawn Points and 1k MVP points. You can set these points to any location but here are some landmarks that my help you:

  • Pro Am
  • Shopping District
  • Gatorade Gym
  • Nearby Fashion Runway
  • Nearby Team Practice faculty
  • Rec

To set these points, open up your map and hover over the pentagon icon. Select this icon to trigger a confirmation selection screen. Simply Agree to set that point as your new spawn location and voila! Now you can travel through the City with ease.

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