NBA 2K22 Best Young Stars Guide

A new entry in the NBA 2K series is out now by the name of NBA 2K22, which features new and existing stars with improved statistics and ratings. In this guide, we’ll be showing you NBA 2k22 Best Young Stars.

NBA 2K22 Best Young Stars

There are plenty of young stars to choose from your MyGM and MyLeague teams. You can also check out any players you want to buy out from the Auction House later in the game!

We will discuss the top five young stars that you should consider recruiting into MyGM and MyLeague.

Below are five of the best young stars for 2K22 that have been absolutely rocking the basketball game since their debuts:

Luka Doncic


  • OVR: 94
  • 3PT: 84
  • DNK: 70

No doubt Luka Doncic has been phenomenal for Dallas Mavericks in his three seasons. With an average of 21 points per game in his career for the past three seasons, he has been given an overall rating of 94.

He is the eighth-most highest-rated player in NBA 2K22 at the moment, which makes him the first choice to consider for your MyGM or MyLeague teams.

Trae Young


  • OVR: 89
  • 3PT: 83
  • DNK: 30

Trae is a deadly finisher with an eye on his teammates at every move. He is able to provide assists and shoot from afar while being a sophomore.

With an average of 8.9 assists and a 43.1 percent shoot rate from the floor, he has an overall rating of 89 which is phenomenal for a sophomore.

He is the guy that can do it all for his team. This is the reason why he works best around like-minded players.

Zion Williamson


  • OVR: 89
  • 3PT: 71
  • DNK: 97

After making his debut in 2019 and just playing two seasons for New Orleans Pelicans, Zion has averaged a total of 25.7 points per game. He is the rising star of the game that has the highest dunk rating in the game (97).

If you want a Power Forward with the highest dunk rating or you want to change your playstyle to a Slashing Four, rather than following the deep shot meta, Zion Williamson is the guy you need.

Jayson Tatum


  • OVR: 90
  • 3PT: 85
  • DNK: 88

Jayson Tatum, mentored by one of the greatest, Kobe Bryant, is arguably the best player for Bolton Celtics. His ability to defend and go forward with such ease makes him a great addition to your team.

With the help of his height, he has the ability to jump over his opponents and score with ease. Last year, Tatum had an average steals of 1.4 per game.