NBA 2K21 Neighborhood Guide

NBA 2k21 fans have been driven crazy by the newly released mode for the game, The Neighborhood. What is NBA 2K21 Neighborhood mode, its features and locations? Read this guide to get to know all that and more.

NBA 2K21 Neighborhood

So, the recently released Neighborhood Mode is indeed pretty much the same as it sounds – a neighbourhood!

The Neighborhood is more like a playground in NBA 2k21 and a social HUB for online interactions between players all around the globe and to let you have better accessibility around the NBA world.

This Neighborhood features basketball competitions, bike riding, buying clothes, barbershop, tattoo parlor and maybe some more of the similar activities, granting you complete control over the appearances of your basketball player to your heart’s content.

Neighborhood mode is where you will be spending your most of the time because one of the most loved MyTeam mode will also be found here.

And besides, not only appearances, you will also have a full control over your player’s skills and reputation too.

You can either purchase or unlock skill packs and can win various titles to increase your reputation around the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Reputation

There is this MyREP Progression tied to the Neighborhood menu where you can see your current reputation in the neighborhood.

There are basically 6 tiers of reputation here which are Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar, Elite and Legend.

You can increase your MyREP progression by playing more and more in the neighborhood and by earning various titles.


The location of Neighborhood is just what it should have been – The 2k Beach!

Within the 2k beach, there is a hell lot of options, stands and games you can explore.

For instance, there is a Skills Boost Stand to the right of the Iverson Statue, where you can unlock different skills for your player.

Just a little to the south-west of the Skills Boost stand is the ProAm which is the home of the 2k Pro-Am team.

To enter there, either you should be an owner or a member of a Pro-Am team.

Get to the left side of the Iverson and you will see ‘The Cages’. There will be a lot of crowd over 2v2 there too which you can either play or choose to enter ‘The Cages’.

On the exact opposite side of The Cages are several buildings where you will find MyCourt too.

Note that the exit through the MyCourt is not by the door but through a foot-mat like sticker lying beside the wall to the right.

So overall, there is a lot to explore, a lot of reminiscence from the past and a lot of new additions.

So, explore your way around the Neighborhood and try to dedicate as much time to it as you can since it is the most fun part of the NBA 2k21.