NBA 2K20 Scoring Guide – How to Be a Consistent Scorer, Tips and Strategies

Anyone can score points but if you won’t be part of the big leagues, you have to know how to keep scoring consistently. Our NBA 2K20 Scoring Guide will provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to increase your chances of victory.

NBA 2K20 Scoring

The Shot Meter was in the previous game as well and it works the same here. Just work on timing yourself so that you release your shot when the meter is full.

Watch your Stamina
If your player is exhausted, he’s more likely to miss the shot so be careful not to tire your players out by making them run around everywhere. Try to save energy by jogging and you can also utilize your team better to lessen exhaustion via our next tip.

Substituting/Knowing your Team
Each player has different stats and is better in some regards than others. Try substituting to lessen exhaustion and to keep your playstyle more versatile.

You’ll be far less predictable to your opponents this way. Try going to Practice Mode to learn the proper combinations with each player.

Pick and Roll
This can greatly affect whether or not you win the game while awarding you the most points you can get.

Depending on which side of the screen you control with L3, do the correct dribble moves and the finish up by either taking a shot or making a pass.

Use the left bumper to make sure that your player is in the best position he can be when passing. Doing the right dribble moves can make all the difference so try dribbling sideways and do a hop & skate finish.

With the help of the above-mentioned NBA 2K20 scoring tips, you will be winning games in no time. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!