NBA 2K19 Upgrades Guide – Reach Level 99, MyPlayer Points

To get the full NBA 2K19 experience including all celebrations, special movement systems, tactical choices, cosmetic items, and more, you need to upgrade players and get more badges, there is no way around. Our NBA 2K19 Upgrades Guide help you learn how.

Thankfully, we have put together a NBA 2K19 Upgrades Guide which highlights all ways you can choose to upgrade to the maximum 99 level in the game and hold a decent position when it comes to MyPlayer Points.

NBA 2K19 Upgrades

Let us start with builds first because that is what directly influences how your created player is likely to perform in matches.

Layups, Dunks, Ball Handling, Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, all of these attributes play a vital role in the gameplan and should be maximized close to the cap.

Additionally, also pay close attention to strength and stamina as these also affect how your player build will matter in matches. The other attributes can be set to whatever you please to keep within the budget.

Virtual Coins help you spend the in-game currency in the Auction House for Rare Cards.

These are earned through playing the various game modes but if you can handle playing exhibition matches on Hall of Fame difficulty, you get double the points that you earn.

You will not be contributing to the XP at all if you are playing on anything less than the Pro difficulty in any mode you play.

Moreover, set the match length to 12 minutes in order to get the most out of the game in terms of XP, effective shots, player performance, etc.

For performance in the match itself, if you are on the defending side, every intervention of the ball earns you some MyPoints which can contribute towards the XP.

For this purpose, you can do the double-team call by pressing the LB or L1 button to put pressure on the attacking side. Slashers may use up all their stamina in a deathly run from one’s own court all the way to put the ball in.

Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade badges in the shots category, you may go for long-range baskets. Remember, each badge earned and its total level depends on how much your work on it on and off the pitch.

Basically, following the first two plays that we mentioned earlier: stealing the ball with the double-team call and running as a Slasher to put the ball in the basket hoop is more than enough to earn you a steady and decent amount of XP in each match.

This is all we have in our NBA 2K19 Upgrades Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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