NBA 2K19 MyTeam Mode Will Feature Major Changes, Packs, Cards and More

The launch of NBA 2K19 is almost here and developers have revealed some interesting changes made in the popular MyTeam mode of the basketball video game. Visual Concepts announced online that the MyTeam mode will be going through some twists and alterations.

The developers announced it through a blog post which was conveyed by the Senior Producer for NBA 2K19, Erick Boenisch. The first issue brought forward was to offer more and more packs and content so NBA 2K19 won’t face deficiency in content like the previous title. Further, it was established that players would now frequently be able to get the finest cards. Players might even get the Amethyst card in the start of the game by chance. While Pink card is scheduled for September, the Diamond card would roll in earlier than before.

Visual Concepts have also decided to make the card packs layered in NBA 2K19. Moreover, the Throwback packs in NBA 2k19 would actually hold a throwback, unlike the last installment. In addition to that, this time around the modes are going to be different than before. The fresh MyTeam Unlimited and Triple Threat modes will feature in NBA 2K19 instead of the Superman and Pack & Playoffs.

MyTeam Unlimited mode lets players contest one-on-one with a lineup of 13 players. Token, card packs and other rewards can be won from this mode. Players can even win the Player of the Month card by going 12-0 up.

On the other hand, the Triple Threat mode is a 3-on-3 single player mode. Players can compete against all 30 NBA teams. Furthermore, the mode has an online version too which enable players to compete with fellow players from all over the world. It is called the Triple Threat Online mode.

NBA 2K19 is also claimed to have fairer micro-transitions than NBA 2K18. The full-game will be out on 11 September on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch but till then go check the hottest songs included in the game. You might as well check out the gameplay trailer to get a taste of the game.

Source: GameSpot

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