NBA 2K19 Beginners Guide – MyTeam, Social Media, Defense, Offense

When it comes to simulating the real basketball experience, no game comes close to it then NBA 2K19.

With that being said, you can expect some hardcore features that only long time NBA 2K fans will understand and it might be hard for newcomers to get into the game quickly.

For that purpose, we have highlighted some useful tips in regards to the game plan, what you can see on-screen in a match and lastly, what you will need to win matches.

NBA 2K19 Beginners Guide

Firstly, let us talk about the changes making their way to this new iteration in the series. There is a new shot meter or power meter next to each player that fills up vertically. For best possible shots, go for max power.

There is also a tonne of new rewards for each new level you reach in MyCareer.

Try to play through most of the modes in the game, as they will give you a variety of rewards including pink diamond cards and coins which you can spend in the Token shop.

Now let us talk about some gameplay tips. Firstly, the basics: sprinting is carried out by using the right trigger or R2; pass the ball with X or A button.

You can press these same buttons, when defending the ball, to move closer to the opponent who has the possession. Make it difficult for the opponent to throw the ball by raising your hands high with the left trigger or L2.

To put pressure on the opponents, you can press the left bumper or L1 button and move the player accordingly to perform a ‘pick and roll’ playbook move.

In all the sprinting, passing and shooting, and general movement, it’s eventual that some of the players will run out of stamina or may be injured.

In such a case, it is always viable to call a timeout (back button on Xbox and middle button on PS4). This way you can substitute out tired players for a fresher pair of legs and arms.

MyTeam Mode Tips

Your go-to strategy for staring out with be to pick the starter pack with the most silver players. This will help you get an upper hand in matches early on. Secondly, you might want to keep an eye on the heat check cards.

These are special packs of cards that will quickly rise in value over time, so get them as soon as possible. You can then choose to use them for yourself or sell these cards at tremendous profits at the Auction House.

Regarding the main currency of the MyTeam Mode, MT coins, they are hard to come by but if you get a hand on some, try to save up on it.

Eventually, you will come to a point where you can buy expensive and legendary player cards to build a near-perfect version of your team. Spending it quickly will not yield such good results, wait for something better.

Patience is key here. We are looking at around 10k MT coins before you can even think of spending anything.

Challenges within the MyTeam mode will allow you to get a decent amount of reward tokens for not that much of an effort. The difficulty level is not too much either and so it is a walk in the park.

You can also try to team up with your friends and carry out these challenges to put the fun factor into it as well!

Use the Social Media

Lastly, you can seek help from other players, even more, experienced ones, online. Simply head to This platform allows players to stay connected, share tips and strategies discuss gameplans and review line-ups for each other.

This community can come in very handy if you are really looking forward to getting into NBA2K18 for the long run.

We would also advise you to regularly check your Twitter account on updates regarding content drops and new changes which may make their way into the game during its cycle.

Thus, follow NBA2K and NBA2K MyTeam account for staying up to date regarding everything related to NBA 2K18.

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