NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide – How to Create a Superstar, Best Archetypes, Proving Grounds, Attributes, Rewards

In this NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide, we will guide you about the MyCareer Mode in NBA 2K18. MyCareer is a career game mode, which follows your journey of becoming a professional NBA player of your favorite team starting from the very beginning.

NBA 2K18 is the latest entry in the franchise which brings a new and improved MyCareer mode for the fans of the series to start from the bottom and make it to the top team and this guide will help you with MyCareer and will give you all tips and strategies on how to be the best.

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We have listed some tips and tricks to get you started in MyCareer in this NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide. We have listed how you can create a player; use the proving grounds to hone your skills and some other tips and strategies.

NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide

NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide details everything you need to know about MyCareer in NBA 2K18.

NBA 2K18 MyCareer Tips

Creating a Superstar

Your first step in MyCareer will be creating a player. The game offers you a wide variety of options to tweak and create the perfect player that you want to. You can choose the skills, archetypes, should width, wingspan and height of your character. Modifying each aspect of your character changes the performance so you need to be careful when selecting and setting up attributes.

If you do not have a particular field of interest then you can opt for a build that is more balanced rather than focusing on a specific set of attributes. Balanced builds will give you more freedom in adjusting to different game styles in the game. You can also choose to have attributes more suited to a specific position on the field, which you might be interested in playing. Creating a player is the most important aspect that you need to do so take your time and consider all the factors before finalizing your player.

Choosing Archetypes

NBA 2K18 gives you an option of selecting two abilities, one primary and one secondary for your character. These abilities determine the playstyle of your character whether he will be a point guard, a Slasher or shooting guard etc. You need to carefully pick the abilities that you set here, as they will not be changed at any time later.

They must be suitable for the build, the position and the gameplay type that suits you. Selecting specific skills will also reduce your specific skills so you need to counter them while setting other attributes if you are looking to create a more balanced player. However, if you plan to build a player, which is focused on a specific attribute such as defense or shooting, you can choose same primary and secondary skill to boost that specific attribute.

Play the Proving Grounds

The Proving Ground is a great place to start your Career. It offers a great way to learn the basic elements of the game along with progressing the Career. Proving Grounds will host three games out of which first 2 will normal 3v3 matches and the last one will be a final event after which you will be selected in your dream team.

It does not matter how you perform in these matches because you will eventually end up in your team selected at the start anyway so do not stress too much on these matches. Play them, have fun, get used to your character and try out different tactics and strategies.

You just need to complete these three matches to get into your dream team. We recommend you play the Proving Ground games once you are done with the area.

Getting Free Shoes

When you approach the shoe stands, you will eventually get a notification prompting you to take a selfie with one of the pairs. Take a selfie here and you will unlock these shoes in the game. These shoes are none other than AJ 32s.

Selecting the Jump Shot

You must select a Jump Shot before starting the Proving Grounds games. In the practice court, you will find a ball machine. Access this machine and it will give you an option to select a Jump Shot. Choose whichever Jump Shot you want to choose, practice a bit at the practice court and then head to the Proving Grounds for the real test.

This concludes our NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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