NBA 2K18 Errors, Crashes, Controller Connectivity Issue, Low FPS And Fixes

NBA 2K18 has launched and while critics are yet to give their verdict on the game but, the initial reaction from the user base doesn’t look very promising for the game. NBA 2K18 is now available for the masses to get their hands on.

Like many other games in the market, there are a lot of NBA 2K18 errors on PC. However, the game’s support is quite active and will address these issues down the line. In the meantime, if you are facing issues with NBA 2K18 then you can refer to our own shortlisted issues being faced by users and their possible fixes.

NBA 2K18 Errors, Crashes And Their Fixes

NBA 2K18 – Low FPS
NBA 2K18 is not particularly a high-end demanding game but, players are experiencing low FPS even on the GTX 970 with 4 GB of video memory even though the game recommended requirement is 2 GB of VRAM. There are a few things that you can do to get rid of this issue.

The first method is obvious, try tinkering your graphical settings or straight up lower them to run the NBA 2K18 at 60 FPS or higher. Also, you can try disabling the v-sync if you can bear the screen tearing, which will also boost your FPS.

If you are using a Nvidia GPU then you open Nvidia Control Panel and select “Manage 3D Settings” and select program settings. Select NBA 2K18 from the Program list and if it isn’t there then add the game’s exe through “ADD” button. Once you have selected NBA 2K18, select High-performance Nvidia processor under select preferred graphics processor which should solve your low FPS issue.

NBA 2K18- Crashes
Many players are experiencing crashes for NBA 2K18 on PC while playing match or at the final buzzer of the game. However, there are a couple of solutions for that and the error itself might be by your GPU driver not being compatible with the game.

Try updating your GPU drivers to latest versions which might solve this issue and make sure you have selected the dedicated GPU while playing the game.

NBA 2K18 – Game Doesn’t Start
Game not launching or crashing while launching is another one of the NBA 2K18 errors that PC players are experiencing. Players need to make sure that the game files are not corrupted. Verify the file integrity of the files to check if the files are not corrupted.

NBA 2K18 – Long Loading Time
Many players have been encountering the issue of long loading times and the time is also variable for every player. This issue can be fixed by clearing your cache which should improve loading times if not eliminate them.

NBA 2K18 – Missing .dll Files
Missing .dll files error can happen for a number of reasons but, there are a couple of ways to fix this issue. The common ‘.dll’ file players are encountering as missing is “msvcrt.dll”.

This issue can be resolved by updating to the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable which you can find online or in the folder titled “Support” and the folder will be located where your game is installed.

Another, way to get rid of this error is to manually download “msvcrt.dll” from the internet and put it in the game folder where binaries are located. However, this method is not recommended.

NBA 2K18 – Black Screen
Some players are unable to play the game because of the black screen issue which is something that is related to your GPU and updating your GPU driver will most probably solve it.

NBA 2K18 – Controller Not Working In Online Matches
Many players are reporting controller issues with NBA 2K18 and if the controller is working against the AI but, in online matches, the controller doesn’t work. The solution to this problem is to play the game through Steam Big Picture Mode and configure the controller there. This is a temporary workaround until an official fix comes.

NBA 2K18 – Recover Deleted/Missing MyPLAYER File
Since the launch of NBA 2K18, many players have reported that they have lost their in-game characters on which they had spent many hours and forcing them to start the game from the scratch. While, the studio is working to address this issue but, here are things that you can do to recover it.

Players could have lost their file due to their account expiration which is quite rare. Head to login using your NBA 2K account this will update your account if it has been expired.

NBA 2k18 – Data Out Of Sync
During some online matches, many players have reported to getting this error. Due to the data not being synced completely players could also lose their MyPlayer file.

All you have to do is hover the mouse cursor over the Play Now option and let your game to sit on that menu for a while. This method could take some time depending upon where the game is in the syncing process. This should allow players to play online and recover their MyPlayer file if it is missing.

NBA 2K18 – Taking Too Long To Download/Install
This is an issue that many players have faced as soon as the game launched. However, this is not particularly an error also many players downloading the game at the same time puts too much strain on servers which can cause the game to download very slow.

ALl you can do is make sure the internet connection is working fine and if your download speed is low try restarting your router

If you are facing any other issue not listed here or have a better solution to an error, let us know in the comments.

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