NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide

NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about different Defense Control scheme and how to get good at it.

In this NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide, we will guide you on all the defensive moves that you can perform in NBA 2K18. There are many defensive moves that you can perform while the opposition is on the attack to take control of the ball again and we have listed all those moves in this NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide. Master your defensive moves and be the best defender in NBA 2K18 with our NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide.

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NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide

NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide details everything that you need to know about Defense Moves and Controls in NBA 2K18.

NBA 2K18 Defense Controls

NBA 2K18 gives you a lot of different defensive moves to play with while you are on your Defense and we have listed all the controls here.

Basic Controls

Starting with the basic controls, these are the basic controls that you will be using in NBA 2K18. We will list more advanced Defense moves and tactics later in this guide.

Left Stick Move Player
Right Stick Steal/Hands Up/Contest
LT Intense Dd
RT Sprint
LB Defensive Strategies (tap)/Double Team (hold)
RB Icon Swap
A Player Swap (closest to ball)
B Take Charge
X Steal
Y Block / Rebound
Up on D-Pad Gameplay HUD
Right on D-Pad Defensive Strategies
Left on D-Pad Defensive Sets
Down on D-Pad Substitutions
View Intentional Foul
Menu Pause

On-Ball Defense

NBA 2K18 features many On-Ball Defense moves and you can find them all below along with controls to perform them.

To perform Intense-D, press and hold LT when in front of dribbler.

Crowd the Dribbler
Press and hold LT when near the dribbler to perform the Crowd the Dribbler move.

Fast Shuffle
Press and hold LT + RT and move Left Stick in any direction for a Fast Shuffle move.

Hands Up Defense
Move and hold Right Stick in any direction for a Hands Up Defense move.

Shot Contest
For a Shot Contest, move and hold Right Stick in any direction when near shooter during the shot.

Vertical Contest
For a Vertical Contest, move and hold Left Stick away from the shooter and press Y.

Swat Block
To perform a Swat Block, hold RT and press Y.

Take Charge
Press and hold B for a Take Charge move.

While taking charge, release B, and press B again to perform a Flop move.

Double Team
Press and hold LB for a Double Team move.

Icon Double Team
To perform an Icon Double Team move, press LB, press and hold the action button of desired double teamer.

Off-Ball Defense

Just like On-Ball Defense, you can also perform a number of Off-Ball Defense Moves. Find them all below:

For a Bump move, hold LT while impeding the path of the offensive player.

While standing, press LT + flick Right Stick towards offensive player.

When the defender is running, flick Left Stick and Right Stick at the same time towards the offensive player to perform a Grab.

Post Up/Ball Denial
To perform a Post Up/Ball Denial, hold LT when near the opponent. This is based on distance to basket.

Deny Hands Out
To Deny a Hands Out, push Right Stick in any direction.

Ball Pressure
For a Ball Pressure move, move Right Stick towards ball handler.

When posted off-ball, press LT, and Left stick towards the defender to perform a Push move.

Deny/Front Post
Press LT + Right Stick left / right when posted off-ball to Deny or Front Post.

Pull Chair in Post
Push Right Stick in the same direction as an offensive player when posted off-ball to perform a Pull Chair in Post move.

This concludes our NBA 2K18 Defense Controls Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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