NBA 2K15 MyTeam Challenges Guide – Tips to Unlock Player Cards

Having a hard time making sense of what to do in order complete NBA 2K15 MyTeam Challenges? You Won't have to worry, this guide will help you out.

NBA 2K15 - Your Time Has Come
Just a couple of weeks ago NBA 2K15 came out and since then the game has been well received by fans and media alike.

There are several challenges to participate in, and If you are having a hard time figuring out what is required to complete challenges, which are tied with MyTeam mode of NBA 2K15, then not to worry, we are here to help.

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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Challenges Tips

The MyTeam mode will first require you to build your team by selecting a starter pack. After the players have selected a pack, they will get a number of facedown cards.

For you to see what they are, you will have to flip them. Depending on your console, press the A on Xbox or X button on Playstation to see what cards you have.

Lastly, give a name to your team and choose where they are from, and you are good to go. Now it comes to the Challenges, there are five levels each having a set number of challenges.

You will unlock each of them by completing levels one by one. Players will earn points as a reward from completing these challenges and which can be spent on a number of things in the game.

Level #1

Progression Warm
This will be your first challenge on level one. For 250 points, your goal will be win a match by using your bronze players.

Jazz Pick-up
Jazz Pick-up is for 750 points and in order to win, you must compete in three matches using players from the jazz team.

First, you’ll have to go up against the Denver Nuggets, then Minnesota Timber wolves and Portland Trail Blazers respectively in single elimination matches.

Keep in mind, if you lose a match, you will have to start over again.

Magic Pick-up
Similar to the last challenge, players will have to compete in their matches. This time against Atlanta Hawks, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Wizards by using Magic players. You can earn 750 points.

Piston Pick-up
Again for 750 points, make sure your team has three players from Pistons. Once again, you will have to go up against three teams Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Chicago Bulls.

Big Man

For this to work, players in your team must have a lot of ink on their bodies, meaning tattoos. There some things you should note, you cannot have more than one silver player in your team and all the player sitting on the bench must be bronze. Inked is for 500 points.

You can earn 500 points in this challenge. Again, your bench will only consist of bronze players. The game will place the highest rating shooter in one team to go up against your team. Your line-up cannot have more than three gold players.

Level #2

Pre-Game Warm-up
Each player on your bench and in the starting line up much be a silver player. Players can earn 500 points from this challenge.

Buck Pick-up
Use three players from the Bucks in a single elimination tournament.

Bottom of the Barrel
For 750 points, make sure your team’s starts with all silver level players, and every player on the bench is bronze. Now, go up against a team with the lowest rated players.

76ers Pick-up
Use three players from the 76ers and win against three teams from the Atlantic Division. 750 points can be earned.

Unsung Heroes
Your starting team must be gold, bench should be silver, and you must face a team made up from players who were previously a part of championship winning teams. Best out of seven wins the challenge.

Class of 11’
Rookie players who were drafted in 2011 are put on one team. You can only use one gold player in the match against them. 500 points can be yours.

Get Your Cameras Ready!
Compete in a game against a team made up of high flyer players. Your players can only be from Southeast or Southwest Divisions. Sapphire card – Tom Chambers Reward is at stake.

Level #3

Opening Day
In a single game elimination challenge, either all your players should be gold or none of them. 1500 points are up for grabs.

Double Double
During this challenge, your team can only have three gold players. 2000 points can be yours.

Pick up the Pace
The other team will have the fastest players in the game while your team should only have six players from the Northwest Division. The challenge is for 2000 points.

Class of 07’
The players drafted in 2007 will be on the team you face. You can add a minimum of two gold players in your team. If you win, 750 points will be yours.

Class of 05’
Rookie players drafted in the 2005 will be your opponents and your team can only have bronze and silver players and maximum number of silver players is 8. 750 points can be earned.

Desert Sun
Four team must be defeated in a row. Your team must have at least 8 players of Phoenix Sun. Gold player Kevin Johansen is the reward.

The Miami Greyhound
Win five games in a row during a single elimination challenge. You can only have 4 players from the Golden State Warriors. Legendary player Rick Barry card will be yours.

Level #4

Defend Our House
Win three matches against the highest rated defender who are part of the other team. Your team can only have two players from Charlotte Hornets or the Milwaukee Bucks. Challenge is worth 2500 hundred points.

Beast of the East
In order to win 2500 points from this challenge, make sure your team has 13 players of Eastern Conference.

Class of 04’
Win against the 2004 drafts. Your team should have two gold players and four silver ones. You can earn 1500 points.

Class of 06’
For 1500 points, win the match with five silver level players.

Spurs Pick-up
Over the course of three matches, your team should have a minimum of three players from the Spurs. 1000 points can be earned.

Class of 09’
Beat the rookie draft of 2009 and with only three gold players for 2500 points.

Still Fabulous
Still Fabulous can earn you Jalen Rose Card and in order for that to happen, you must face the other team in a best of five and your team should have three players from both Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets.

Level #5

Class of 08’
For 1755 points, you must face the 2008 draft picks by only having three gold level players in your team.

Cream of the Crop
A best of five will take place for 3000 points and the opposing team is made of some of the best players to have ever played for Heat and Spurs.

Your team is required not to have any players from Spurs or Heat.

Triple Double
During this challenge, your team will go up against Triple Doubles from 2013 and 2014 season of NBA. Only three gold players are allowed in order to win 1755 points.

Sharp Shooter
Your opposing team will have the best three pointers and your team must not have any players from the Western conference. 1755 points are at stake.

Class of 10’
Win against the the rookie draft team of 2010 for 1755 points.

Class of 03’
Win against the 2003 rookie draft class for 1755 points.

Win three games in a row for Bob Pettit card as reward. Each match will be against a team made of players who have won MVP reward.

NBA 2K15 Weekly Challenges

NBA 2K15 has weekly challenges as well and each week new challenges are added for you to complete before the week is over.

Earning Stars

In the game, you can earn a maximum of 99 stars. You can get three stars by facing each NBA team. You can have any combination of players from your MyTeam selection while going up against other NBA teams.

Road to Playoffs

Using your MyTeam you will have to succeed in a set number of games in order to advance from one seed to the other. Completing the seed will earn you various rewards.

You will need to win three games in order to qualify; you will have one silver level player in your team while doing so. After that 8th seed pack will be unlocked.

8th Seed
To protect yourself from being sent back to the qualifying round, you must win four matches. If you lose 10, you will have to go back to the qualifying round. One silver player is allowed. Doing this will unlock the 7th seed pack.

7th Seed
Win a minimum of five games. If you are beaten in 9, then you will be demoted. Player can only have three gold players. 6th seed pack will be unlocked.

6th Seed
You can’t be beaten in more than eight games. Six matches must be won by using up to three gold level players. 5th seed pack is unlocked.

5th Seed
Players are asked to win seven games while not losing more than 7. 4th Seed is unlocked.

4th Seed
Eight games must be won without losing more than seven games. 3rd seed will be unlocked, and you will also earn a sapphire John wall card.

3rd Seed
Players are tasked to win eight games without losing more than 7. 2nd seed will now be unlocked along with Paul Goerge Card.

2nd Seed
Without losing more than seven games, win 9. 1st seed will be unlocked along with a Stephen Curry card.

1st Seed
Win a minimum of 10 games without losing more than 4. Your reward will be a Russell Westbrook card.

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