NBA 2K15 MyCareer Guide – How to Create a SuperStar

The core of NBA 2K15 experience is the journey of transforming a regular player into an NBA legend.

With NBA 2K15 finally upon us, most of the players are eager to undertake this journey. This year, we are seeing some welcome changes made to MyCareer mode.

NBA 2K15 MyCareer Tips

In this guide, I’m going to share some simple tips to keep your starting journey as smooth as possible.

Changes Made to Player Management
Right off the bat, the first thing that you’re going to notice is lack of control. You will notice that except appearance and height of your player, you will not be able to alter anything else.

Height of your player is an important factor determining the future of your player. Depending on the position of your player, decide the height that you player should have.

Note: In order to unlock more customization options, you need to get assigned to a team within 10 days contract.

First, coming to animations, choose the ones which will let your player bypass attackers/defenders easily. Personally, I would recommend focusing on agility than anything else.

In NBA 2K15, stats are divided into six categories which are the part and parcel of making a great player. It is a good idea to focus entirely on these stats before anything else.

Your playstyle and position of the player should determine which packs to upgrade. Athlete is one pack which goes away with almost every playstyle out there.

Changes Made to Teams
You will have a total of ten teams to choose from which will keep on changing at regular intervals. Don’t expect to get assigned to a team with high ratings and stick to something average or even below average.

The good thing about choosing these teams is the fact that your player will most probably meet their conditions and will earn good amounts of coins to further polish his skills.

The Journey Begins!
After some intense decision making and games, your player will reach his rapid growing phase i.e. his rookie year. This year demands that you exhibit outstanding performances, acquire a loyal fan-following, and most importantly, win games.

You will not be able to get a lot of play time in the beginning, so it is important to make use of the limited number of games at hand. Another important thing to note is making superstar is a time consuming process that doesn’t happen overnight.

Instead of trying to do everything yourself, try being a decent team player and get liked by the other players. Make adjustments to your playstyle and adapt one that encourages team play. Work on the defence, passing, blocking, and things like these.

The bottom line is that you need to seek opportunities to become a better teamplayer and consequently acquire more play time. By doing so, you will earn more coins which is all you need in the end.

Mastering Moves and Earning Badges
Another important thing to keep in mind is to practise the moves you’re comfortable with and use them during games. This will eventually allow you to earn the Bronze Badge for that particular move.

Start off with a couple of moves and then work your way up to Silver and even Gold Badges from the upgrade section.

Share your own beginner’s tips and tricks with us in the comments below!

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