NBA 2K15 Crashes, Errors, Freezes, Graphics and Performance Fixes

We are in the final part of the year which means that it’s time for NBA fans to get their yearly dose of basketball in the form of NBA 2K15. With all the new features and game modes, it’s going to be a real treat for the basketball lovers.

However, considering the PC version of the game, there are some issues that aren’t letting some players either play the game or enjoy it to its full extent. These errors/crashes/bugs can sometimes be resolved by using simple fixes or by following workarounds that can be used to make things work.

So I believe that your are looking for a solution too? Feel free to browse through the following troubleshooting listing to find the relevant solution to your problem.

#1 NBA 2K15 Game Crashes After the Splash Screen
If your game crashes after the splash screen appears then there are a few things you can do to make it work.

First, try disabling your internet so that the game doesn’t try to connect to 2K servers automatically. Some users have reported that this has fixed the issue for them. Hopefully, servers will be in a better shape in near future.

If that doesn’t work, disable the Steam Overlay option and restart your PC. Make sure that your drivers are up to date.

#2 NBA 2K15 Direct3D11 Error Fix
Mostly, the error can be fixed by re-installing DirectX and updating your GPU drivers. If that doesn’t solve the issue for you, you can try out this detailed guide to find a fix.

#3 NBA 2K15 Game Freezing Fix
A lot of users have reported that their game is getting frozen either during the match or during Loading. They have also reported that the game works fine in offline mode. It could very well be an issue at 2K’s end so until we hear something official, I am afraid you are stuck with the offline play.

Keep on trying though and if it works for you before a patch is rolled out, let us know in comments!

#4 NBA 2K15 Graphics Settings Workaround
If you are unable to change graphics through in-game menu, you can do that by using the control panel of your GPU. In case of Nvidia, open the control panel and then click manage 3D settings. Add NBA2K here in the program setting and you are good to go.

#5 NBA 2K15 Can’t Connect to Online Servers
Around launch, connectivity issues are expected so if you are unable to connect to NBA 2K15 servers, wait a little and try logging back in again later.

#6 NBA 2K15 Performance Issue
It goes without saying that if your PC is not good enough, you should lower graphics settings to improve performance. If you are confident that your PC is more than capable of running the game at the selected settings, try forcing Vsync via your GPU control panel.

Also, make sure that you are not running any application in the background (unnecessary) that might interfere with the normal working of the game.

#7 NBA 2K15 Game Crashes to Desktop after Sometime of Gameplay
Alright, you were lucky enough to get past the splash screen and enter into an actual match; but the game still crashes after a minute or so.

That would be a bummer, right? In order to fix it, try running the game without internet access. If that doesn’t work, make sure that your screen’s refresh rate is same as your game’s (usually 60hz).

If you don’t want to change that, you will have to enable Adaptive Vsync via your GPU control panel (see #6).

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