Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Der Riese Walkthrough

Call of Duty World at War Zombie Map Der Riese, Strategies, tactics, game plan, and all the necessary Intel you need to dominate zombies.

If you think Verrukt was bad, and Shi No Numa really pushed you to your limits then brace yourself with for “Der Riese”. Der Riese is another zombie map in the popular Call of Duty: World at War zombie mode It includes lots of gameplay changes, new machines, new guns, and a storyline as mysterious as ever.

In this guide, we’ll be doing a comprehensive walkthrough of the Der Riese map in Call of Duty Black Ops including strategies and achievements.

Der Riese Strategy

Der Riese is a large map as compared to its predecessors so sticking together as a team and communication is more then important now. Your success lies on these two factors which will decide the outcome of the game. The more cohesive and communicative you as a team, more chances of survival you have.

As the zombies are far more deadly then before, their attack power and high speed has forced us to prefer juggernog and speed cola to save our skins from the advancing hordes of zombies and upgraded hell hounds.

Now linking up teleporters before round 10 should be your top most priority or you won’t survive in the later rounds. Try to grab a decent weapon off the wall or mystery box and hopefully with juggernog, you will have more chances to survive when you connect all teleporters and move on.

Most important tip in surviving is to not to rush for perks or teleporters in the heat of rounds. Wait for the wave of zombies to slow down near the end of the round, either make them slow crawler by throwing a nade or trap a zombie behind a window with one member baby sitting the zombie while others getting all  the perks and whatever they want with ease.

Once you have linked up all the teleporters and have access to pack a punch machine, that’s where the game finally begins. You can either camp in the teleporter rooms to fend off oncoming zombies specifically the warehouse holding teleporter C can be used as a barricade against zombies.

Fetch some MG’s to cover the ground floor while others man the upper window and take care of the stragglers. Still with all these tips, you can only survive team work and good communication in the later rounds.

That’s all for the basic part of it, I won’t be sharing any of my mumbo jumbo this time, let’s talk all about the crazy strategies and tactics used to pawn zombies as long as we can. Share, suggest your very own attacking/camping strategies and tactics you used to reach certain level and do tell us how far you have gone using that strategy.

Der Riese Map Guide

The layout of Der Riese is somewhat larger then the previous two zombie maps Verrukt and Shi No Numa, The vast terrain will force you to focus on team work more then ever, relying on each other for watching your back is more then necessary now. Anyway we have a good enough Map guide to get you through the basics so read carefully comrade.

There are several rooms in Der Riese, the starting room is just outside the factory. There are barricades against the zombies, two either side of each, one to side of power generator and one down to the doorway. There are two rooms that lead outside the starting room and the pack a punch machine is just behind the main frame.

Right Factory Room
after opening the door on the right, you will see a barricade containing a double barreled shotgun and a door that leads to a different room. Watch out for the railing above, from where the ugly zombies can jump down from, there is also two brick walls in the room that should be taken care of. When you switch on the generator, this room gets connected to the left factory room as well as the Mystery box spawning room.

Right Hallway
after opening the door that leads out of the right factory room, you get in to the right hallway. This is where you will find a staircase leading towards a box, where you will find few barricades and Thompson.

Left Factory Room
after opening the door on the left, you will find a barricade guarding an ally and a locked door. When the power is turned on, this room gets connected to the right factory room and the mystery box spawning room.

Left Hallway
after opening the door that leads out of left factory room, you will end up in left hallway. It has trench gun and two barricades. There is a staircase leading to a box barricade and another locked door leading to teleporter 2 room.

Teleporter 1
You will find a locked door to the right balcony of mystery box spawning room that door leads to the room containing one of the teleporters as well as the mystery box spawning point. There is also barricade in this room.

Teleporter 2
Open the locked door in the left hallway, and you will enter a room with yet another teleporter. There is also a barricade here that requires our attention because zombies can access this one. If a player goes up to staircase in this room, he will be able to clearly see a balcony type wall, from where they can shoot down zombies entering first room. There is a barricade in this balcony type room which also contains a mystery box spawning point.

Mystery Box Spawning Room
Open either of the box barricade in either hallway and you will end up in a balcony, an area just outside the factory. You will find juggernog placed to the left of the boxes on the left side. Now if you jump off the roof, you will come across mystery box sitting next to the power generator.

You will find doors leading to teleporter 3 and teleporter 1. The double tap root beer can be found on the right side of the balcony. When the power is turned on, a bridge folds down connecting the two balconies and the room connects with the left and right factory rooms.

Teleporter 3 Room
Open the door in the mystery box spawning room and that will lead you to a building in the factory. You will find a bowie knife placed at entrance of that building and inside it, lays the final teleporter. You will find a set of stairs, mystery box spawning point, a cave and a balcony here.

The balcony in question is just outside the building and can be used to shoot down the approaching zombies. You will find a barricade behind the balcony. There is door here that leads to another room with quick revive.

Why Electricity?
Der Riese just like Verrukt is electricity dependent, and there are lots of things that require electricity to be switched on. Let’s say to link teleporters, open certain doors, and to use Perk a Cola machines, and Pack a Punch Machine.

Use of Teleporters
To link the teleporter, you need to approach the teleporter, and hold action button. Once you do this, a timer will appear for 30s and within that time you need to return to the spawn room and link it to the mainframe. Pack a Punch machine requires all three teleporters to be linked to the mainframe. When they are linked you can teleport from one node to mainframe never vice versa or to another node.

After many teleports, sometimes an evil girl announcer will say “uh-oh” and no power up will be dropped. It is then possible for a hell hound to appear,

Mystery Surrounding Type 99

Whether you have started Der Riese Nazi Zombie Map or have been playing non stop, it’s an annoying fact that Type 99 is still to be found. No one in the gaming community has got his hands on this mysterious weapon yet. Considering the seriousness of the situation, here are the few facts that we know about Type 99.

We all know that by triggering “Elevate your Senses” achievement, it starts a mini game where you have to find certain objects scattered all over the map. After you have successfully recovered all these objects, Type 99 should appear in the mystery box but that hasn’t happened yet.

Gathering data from all over the gaming community, it’s safe to say that the objects found by most of gamers were:

  • “Teddy bear holding a bowie knife” (located at the main frame on the window ledge to the left),
  • “Teddy bear with juggernog bottle” (located inside the animal cage by the trench gun) and
  • “The Monkey” (located inside the furnace by the Thompson).

There are two of these Monkeys that make the total hidden objects 4 (Teddy Bears x2, Monkeys x2).

Rumor has it that if you have recovered these objects then Type 99 should appear in the mystery box but that’s a big IF, you know. As far as Treyarch is concerned, they released this mysterious weapon in the Pack a Punch Machine Weapon List so there is no denying that it exists for sure.


FG-42 is a weapon that now can be bought of the wall for 1500 points and Zombies can now climb certain ledges and fences.

It’s either as if there is another object to be found after activating “Elevate Your Senses” mini game or it’s an error in the game at Treyarch ends, either way it’s a mystery not resolved yet. Got something about Type 99? Share with us in Comments.

How to use Fly Trap to Activate “Elevate Your Senses”

Der Riese Achievements/ Trophies

Elevate Your Senses– To get this you must have a weapon that has been upgraded through pack a punch machine. It won’t work unless the gun is upgraded. Follow the video tutorial to find it. Anyway if you for some reason can’t find it, face the pack a punch machine, open the door on your right and it’s a window opening on the left.

Locksmith – There are total of 9 doors in the map, open all the doors to get this trophy. Well it isn’t that difficult. All of these will be open, once you have linked teleporters. If you have trouble finding all of them, search around a bit during early rounds along with your friends and you will be able to open them but only in early rounds so that you don’t meet much zombie resistance.

40 Knives – Get a Bowie Knife and kill 40 zombies with it and that’s it.

Der Electrician – To have this trophy, you need to link all the teleporters before round 7.

Frequent Flyer – This trophy is rather easy to get, just use teleporters atleast 8 times and you are done.

Wacker Packer – You will have this trophy when you upgrade your weapon with Pack a Punch machine for the first time.

The Might of the Monkey – You will achieve this trophy when you will use “The Monkey Bomb” for the first time.

Perkaholics Anonymous – Get this trophy by surviving till round 20 without buying any perk.

Acquire Waffle Weapons – Obtain the Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in a game to achieve this trophy.

Pack Addict – Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack-a-Punch Machine to get this baby.

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