Naughty Dog Says There Will Be No Last Of Us 2 Game Awards Appearance

If you were hoping for more information about The Last Of Us 2, Naughty Dog unfortunately has some bad news. The studio has said in no uncertain terms that there will be no Last Of Us 2 Game Awards appearance, after the last time that we heard anything about the game was at E3.

There has been precious little new information given out about The Last Of Us 2 since it first was revealed to us at the Playstation Experience 2016. We then got another trailer at the Paris Games Week in 2017, and then another trailer, and some actual gameplay, at E3 2018, its most recent appearance.

This lack of trailers has left us without a good bit of information about what the game will be about, what the plot will be, and how the world has changed in the years between the original Last of Us game and this one. We do know there appears to be some sort of cult that will come into conflict with Ellie, but we don’t know if Joel will also be a playable character, or if it will just be Ellie.

Whether it means that Naughty Dog has decided to focus on development rather than trailers now, or simply doesn’t have another trailer ready in time for The Game Awards, remains to be seen, but that still means there’s no Last Of Us 2 Game Awards appearance to look forward to just yet. Ordinarily we would wait until this year’s Playstation Experience, but Sony isn’t having one of those either.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that we’ll be getting another Last Of Us 2 trailer until either E3 2019 or some other major event like the next Paris Games Week. But even though there won’t be a Last Of Us 2 Game Awards appearance, we can still look forward to the large number of other games that will be announced at the event, which takes place this Friday.

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