Naughty Dog Releases Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gameplay From E3

Naughty Dog has just released ten minutes of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay, consisting of the extended gameplay demo from E3. While we didn’t get a live demo during the Sony conference, Naughty Dog posting this does allow us an indication of how the Uncharted 4 expansion will play on release.

The answer to that is that it plays a lot like Uncharted 4, which is to be expected. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a standalone expansion to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, focusing on Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer as they travel through India to find an artifact known as the Tusk of Ganesh.

On their way they will be pursued by a brutal mercenary named Asav, who is one of the many combatants fighting in a civil war that is ravaging India. And, from what we’ve seen in the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay, it looks like this new story will be just as good as the original.

The demo starts out quiet, mainly consisting of Nadine and Chloe exploring a lost city and trying to find a way out. However, they don’t get far before they’re brought into conflict with Asav’s mercenaries. With that, a hectic chase scene begins, with Chloe and Nadine fighting their way through the city’s ruins while an armored truck tries to shred them with a machine gun.

Like Uncharted 4 before it, the gameplay is fast-paced and hectic, with a lot of different ways to get to a lot of different places. Gunplay is still fast and tight as well, andthe constant shooting coming from so many different directions keeps you on your toes.

We don’t know much about the story, even with the new Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay, but hopefully all will be clear when the expansion comes out on the Playstation 4 on August 22.