Naughty Dog Releases The Last Of Us 2 Screenshots Despite Delay

Even though the game has been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus, Naughty Dog has still decided to release a brace of Last Of Us 2 screenshots, letting us see how beautiful the game will look when we finally get to play it, though of course the screenshots lack context.

With a variety of environments and characters involved, ranging from rainy environments to sunny ones to a burning town at night, it seems like The Last Of Us 2 is going to be even more visually stunning than the original, helped along by better technologies.

Along with the new environments, however, we also get to see a variety of characters both old and new. While some of the Last Of Us 2 screenshots feature Ellie and Joel, there are also a few other characters that we haven’t seen before, though we don’t know their names either of course.

The screenshots also provide a look at a few new environments, many of which are ruined due to the collapse of civilization from back when the cordyceps virus first took hold and brought about the end of the world. Ruined cities, abandoned subway tunnels, overgrown roads, and more will all be part of the post-apocalyptic world we travel through in the game.

Since The Last Of Us 2 is stated to be Naughty Dog’s longest and most ambitious title ever, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a lot more in the game than what we see in the screenshots, though with the delay we’ll be waiting a while to see where else we go.

We already known from gameplay footage that we’ll be going anywhere from overgrown cities to wide-open, snowy mountain passes, but if the screenshots are right we’ll be seeing even more on a new journey. To see the Last Of Us 2 screenshots for yourself, look further up this article.